What are we to do with the people that cry fowl, because they want to follow the constitution. That always comes as a surprise since its clear that religion was to kept separate government.  When all these busy politicions get together they say that we need to allow for religious differences and since theirs is the only true religion(their standard claim) only what they want needs to law.  When they use our constitution as proof of religious freedom, they miss the whole point.  The only way to true religious freedom is to have total separation from government. That means no special treatment given0 and no business saying that you either want or don’t want some new law or why they don’t have to obey the law) allowed to influence what our government does or doesn’t do because its not the churches business any more than government is the churches business. 

What is so hard to try to understand is where did these men and some women come from?  Their wants and likes and dislikes are tiresome and somehow quite evil. Once more religious fanatics and their wealthy cronies are trying to bring down a country.
This wont be the first time that religion and the very rich have worked together in their greed and power to bring down countries and always at the expense of the 99’%.

Romney says we are envious of what he has and he is wrong  I don’t what anything he has   and am quite comfortable earning and buying what I want and need.  What I do want is for our tax policies go30plus years back and once more the revenue we need will be there; So in that case I do want something from the 1% I want them to pay their fair share and I want our taxes to be used to enact single payer health care and social nets and food help need to be raised as that money given to help others get their oppurtunity to raise themselves out of poverty

What is also true is that the very rich with all their money do not make our economy work, it they did we wouldn’t be in trouble over money, would we.  No the only way to get out of a depression is to widen the social net create jobs repairing our infrastructure and the money put out for this will pay back in great dividends. You see its all of us that drive the economy because there is so much of us.  That means that the money spent by the 99% may be only a small portion of the what the 1% make, but sheer numbers alone of the 99% means that we eat out we get our hair done we go to stores, grocery malls etched  buy electronics we have cable and utilities and mortgages or rent, what that means is that when money is flowing out into the economy and the demand for things grows then believe it or not that actually will make our country come out of this depression.  Of course I am dreaming if I think a politician would listen because of course their solution is to cut all spending on the 99% benefits or laws etc. and to lower taxes further on the rich and corporations never seeing that by doing that they create the national debt.

I pray every day that enough people will wake up find their voice before its too late and will use that voice so that we can change the way our world is governed by greed to a world governed by people that love our earth and would love a life of peace and love. 

thank you for time to read this  and peace and love in your life



  1. Who cries “fowl”? Everybody wants a chicken in every pot. (The old Depression era political slogan promised the hungry and hopeless at least something to eat.)
    What does peace and love have to do with governing our nation? Pacificists don’t merit any special consideration in our nation. A lot of people have died and will continue to die to defend freedom from the greedy and power hungry who measure success by taking away and enslaving the peace loving people.
    Philosophy or relgion are two sides of the same coin. Keeping religion out of government is telling people that what you “believe” has to be set aside when you serve in government. Only sociopaths seem to have that ability to separate their conscience from their ability to act out their desires. I will never vote for somebody who can’t express their values and beliefs, because that is what makes us human.

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