I got a comment back on my blog that I posted yesterday, and when  I was done reading, I was confused. I was left with questions for myself and what it means to me to have religion not in our government. To me the only way to have true freedom of religion is to allow everyone to believe and worship as they like (as long as their religion hurts no one or no thing).  So the comment went on to say that it was important to know someone’s religion if you were to vote for them.  Yes that is right, we do need to know what someone’s belief system is, but I do not want their religion to interfere with my government.  When religion is allowed to have a say in our government, that’s when freedom of religion disappears and a theology government happens.  The only true way to have a democracy is to have this separation of religion from government, because right from the start of our countries beginning it has been with the understanding that no one religion or belief system was more important or less important.  What we have happening now in our government and schools is what happens when a very few fanatics are allowed into our government to try to make everyone believe the way that they do.  That is not America and if you want to live in a theology based dictatorship then go move to a country that is like that and leave our country alone.  I think its very important to get these people out of all branches of our government and the only way to do that is to be able to educate the people as to the real agenda of these ‘religion based’  usually white old boy attitude  and their bottom line is to have a male run one religion only based government.  I don’t know about you but that is not the kind of country or government that I want to live in.  I will stand up for your right to believe as you like and expect the same right for myself. Freedom is only a word unless the action is truly one of freedom.
So I have to say I stand by my original statement. 



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