why does freedom of religion mean only your religion is the right one?


I couldn’t help noticing when I was going through all the sites I like to visit, one posting after another on freedom of religion. As I would read through the posting or comment, what always stood out was that what the author wanted was his religion to be the only religion and that their religion gave them special rights.  They said one after the other that because our president didn’t make it illegal to make contraceptive’s available and wouldn’t back down on making them free, that their freedom of religion was violated.  No their freedom to worship and believe as they may was never threatened.  They then cry constitutional right to freedom of religion. Yes they are right under our constitution we are all guaranteed freedom to worship and believe as we wish and we are guaranteed that our government will be kept separate from religion.  That means that you cannot use your religious freedom to take my freedom away. The only real freedom of religion comes from the total separation of religion and government.  If they want a country that only recognizes their religion and they want a government to back their religion and force those views on the rest of the people. Well THAT’S NOT FREEDOM OF RELIGION. That’s called a church state and you have then made religion with no freedom. When you impose your beliefs and religious mandates on others you have taken away everyone’s freedom.  So, in my opinion it was wrong of our president to give in  to the catholic church. The catholic church has no business in our government.  They want to take away our freedom of religion.  It makes me angry that no one stands up to the catholic church and tell them that their course through history is not a good one. They used the church to steel from the people and to keep women captive to a church’s warped view of the bible.  Does that mean that Catholics shouldn’t be allowed to worship as they please. No, what it means is that the catholic church with its outdated and flawed views is allowed to worship in our country free of any governments ability to make it illegal to believe as they do.
What it does not mean is that any church has the power to make changes to our government or to receive special treatment of any kind. Churches should be taxed if they show a profit.  I am totally behind everyone’s right to worship and believe as they may, but will not allow anyone’s religion in our government.

So the next time you hear someone say that the catholic church deserves special considerations concerning their beliefs, tell them no because that violates your right to have separation of government and religion.

peace and love in your life

thank you for the time to read this



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