Reading thru todays comments and articles on sites that I frequent and of course on Facebook, I was struck with the sharp divide in our country. There are those that are educated(doesn’t always mean college) are active in finding the news that is out there and doesn’t come from fox news, they also are in favor of stronger environmental laws  and advocate finding other means of fuel/energy. and then there are those that seem to have been educated in a different kind of school, one that teaches that science is evil and that the big corporations and ultra wealthy need all those tax breaks and subsidies so that they can create jobs and the wealth will trickle down.

There was a time when I would have told you that I didn’t believe that people in the united states could be so misinformed, uneducated, and fanatics willing to vote for people that are telling them that they are going to loose all the programs they depend on(re information showing which states use more than they take in on social net programs. and how they vote)they will still state that this is the way the want it. They also state without shame that it matters what color our president is and that we should all have to abide by strict Christian laws. I cried when I got done watching this documentary, I cried for what has happened to our country and am unsure of how to repair this division. When you try to communicate with some people and point out facts and sites to go to explore and find the truth on their own, not only will they not search, they will refuse to consider any other view and usually come back with the   ‘you must be one of those left democrat’s who thinks we should be a socialist country.’ They will insult your intelligence, they will insult your character and call you names, but they wont look at the truth.; Worse yet, they said they all vote. How scary is that?

These people think that we should step up our earth killing search for fossil fuels. They are unable to even comprehend the damage to our earth and will tell you that scientists don’t know anything and there is no reason to worry about the earth, its all just stuff by crazy tree huggers and they make it too difficult for all those poor big oil company’s and how horrible it is to make corporations adhere to policy’s that do not harm our earth. When I  ask if they realize that we cannot make a new earth. that’s usually when they come back with the crazy tree hugger and I must be crazy to think that they should give up their way of life just because a scientist has research and they want to change our schools to teach only bible endorsed subjects(translation, their idea of what the bible should say) and to not allow mention of slave owners by the founding fathers, and that its not allowed to teach that our environment is in trouble from human consumption and that we need to discover non fossil clean fuels/energy.

The question is, how many of these people exist, and do enough sane earth friendly human friendly people exist of overcome the horrendous damage these people’s votes could pertain to the use.


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