can our voice be loud enough


I am left sad and weary after reading thru todays postings and articles.  If I would have been told that there really are very uneducated and totally brainwashed people that would actually believe that for one that our president is Muslim, that he is foreign and of course you know he is black. Well one out 3 is right. During my reading, on several sites I read that the republican party relies on the blue collar worker(without college degree) that are ‘born again Christian evangelical) Why would that be? Probably because that is the only people that can be successfully brainwash.  These people were proud to say that they were bigots. How could anyone be proud of that?  Sadly is the fact that the republicans do want to keep people at poverty level(when you are barely surviving you don’t pay much attention, I guess) uneducated, unhealthy(that way we die young) and they want the citizens to be brainwashed by the media(controlled by the ultra rich) The educated person, with the ability to find their way out of fox news zombie land is the enemy. After all we might point out and educate some of their important the reality that exists when you leave fox zombie land. To be honest, I read through some of the most hate filled and totally without brains comment that I have ever read.The experience left me sad, tired and with a blinding headache. I can only hope and pray that each time we post or comment or post links to the truth, that more and more people will come out of that fox news zombie land and become part of the voice. Our voice,the 99%, can be loud enough to change the world. But for tonight, it doesn’t seem possible.  peace


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