As I read through todays articles and postings, I was astonished at the depth our government is willing to go.  When did it ever become legal to own as property the citizens in a country. I have looked and still cant find a property of the government tag on me. Can you?  I think that one question that keeps me asking is why? Why now, when we are facing great economic distress, would our government go crazy on trying to regulate women. Are they afraid of women, is that the problem. Do they think they can keep us from voting and at the same time influencing those around us? When I ask that question, I can find no good answer. Is this their way of trying to divide the country, thinking in this way they can become the puppet president that Grover Norquist has stated so well that is needed so that the house and senate can do as they want and the president just signs his name. The fact that this man even said this is bad enough, but the fact that it has  been publicly recorded, with no real outcry against such a remark is telling of the media that is in our country.  Well I plan to bring up over and over again the remark he made, so that all people can be educated as to the real purpose behind our government.  Hopefully, they will find, that people will not only vote in record numbers but also will vote out all the corrupted politicians and replace them with people willing to be for the people by the people. Do we have a chance of that? I hope so. I hope so.  well thanks for reading and peace



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