Going through the rounds today, from article to links to postings and commenting, I was struck with one thought. What if our voice isn’t loud enough, and the republicans gain total control of our government? What if that horrid man Grover Norquist  gets his wish, and a puppet president is put in place? Will our country survive that kind of president? One thing for sure, it makes me even more committed to helping others find their way out of fox news zombie land. The amount of open racist hateful and so ignorant comments that I read, actually leave me feeling dirty.  What’s worse is they have no shame, and see nothing wrong with their words, their opinions and worst of all is they believe they are born again Christians. Does that mean that somehow you loose all comman sense and you become a creature dominated by hatred, racist and controlled by raw greed coupled with a complete lack of understanding of the real nature of our country.  Fox news and their companions in this media brainwashing zombie causing citizens have outdone themselves. They are able to get their viewers to believe anything they say.
They take facts and present them as fake and take lies and provide them as truth.
As a non resident in fox news zombie land, its hard to understand how anyone with half a brain could be so brainwashed that they would vote for people that plan to take away benefits they depend on. How do we as non zombies combat such craziness and how can we rescue these poor misguided souls, or do we just try to scream extra loud, so that the majority of Americans can have the country we deserve.  We the people can and will use our voice and once more have a government that is for the people by the people. But again, what happens if we fail. Do we become second class citizens waiting on the wealthy to occasionally pass down some crumbs. Do we become a theocracy with the republican Taliban? Sometimes lately, I have even daydreamed about moving to Canada. Course that takes money and that’s one thing not in great quantities in my life. So I will continue to use my voice and hope that all the other non zombies are using their voice. thank you so much for taking the time to read this.  peace and love in your life


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