When I read that several of the top wall street banks were investing in Facebook, I was worried that they would try to censor Facebook. Then I realized, that the reason they were investing in Facebook, is that they had dollar signs in their eyes.  So when I read that our loving government was looking into ways to shut down Facebook, because they are afraid that we are banding together with the occupy movement to bring the truth to the American people, I was worried.
Then it dawned on me. Mark Z, creator of Facebook, knew what he was doing. By involving companies that represent the 1%, they have a vested interest in keeping Facebook alive and working. They know that the amount of money they make off of us, would be gone if we the people stop using Facebook and Google search engines. We make these companies a fortune, as they sell our info to corporations greedy for a way to get more ads out on our page.  What would be the reaction of the 1% to the removal of such income? Maybe they are the best protection we have against a government that is afraid of its citizens. They realize that the money train would stop, if we no longer used Facebook. So since our government has been corrupted by the 1%, will they then go against this money? Somehow I think no.  The government is so intent on squashing American’s from protesting what is happening in our country, that they forgot to ask the 1% for permission.  What would happen if our government should succeed with their newest bill, meant to close down the internet, and its sole purpose to keep people from communicating, and to keep us from knowing in advance what they are planning and what bills they are considering in the congress.  Maybe, then, the 1% actually become a friend to the American people, because they do not want this money train to end What would all the companies do that have jumped onto that bandwagon, with Facebook pages, and the money they make from ads that are now on every smart phone and on every Facebook page. The 1%, is after all, only about the money.Do they care about out our freedom? The answer is no, but they also realize that if the internet is closed down, the market would also close down.

So here’s a big thank you to the 1% and wall street crooks. 

thank you for your time to read this and peace be in your day.



  1. The “occupy” people have a compelling message, which is…..? Anyway, now that the weather is warmer I am sure more disorganized meandering and muttering will take place by dozens of people occupying space.

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