I wonder just how many people have bought into the idea that the protest is just by homeless leeches on society. After all, that’s what mainstream media says, and way too many people are willing to believe in that mindset. What’s interesting to note, is that this has happened before.  It happened before that groups of people with an actual complaint did a occupy protest, only have read of that one. I not only lived thru the protests of the late 60’  /early70”s but did on occasion march in Portland. The media did the same thing, labeled them as hippies, tree huggers, criminals and socialists. Very few today remember what happened in Ohio State university. 4 students were murdered by the national guard. and many more injured. These protesters were unarmed and peaceful, and now our government has granted themselves the legal right to do that again. The protestors are trying raise peoples awareness of what is happening in our country. They are trying to wake people up before its too late? That’s what is important about the protesters, it’s the awareness of the huge inequality in income, its big oil and wall street with their money corrupting our government, it’s the fair wages for labor that are not being paid, it’s the taxes that are no longer fair, it the fact that the wealthy 1% have basically bought our government. Most important, is that they have the ability to arouse the Americans out of their bubble that fox news and its ilk have created here in the use. I can no longer march, but I can post comments, read others comments, do the research and then share what I find, to go on the links and share the links with my friends on Facebook.; If Americans don’t wake up soon, we will no longer have the ability to make our voice heard. Although I think they would have a hard time jailing or killing us all, the government has given itself the power to enable military force to be used against American citizens deemed hostile. Back when they killed those 4 Ohio students, they didn’t have the legal right, and now they do. welcome to 2012 the year we lost our rights as a free democracy, because too many people were so zombie by the fox news rhetoric that we could not wake them up.



  1. I have to agree to many people think they are safe. We have lulled ourselves into thinking our great country is about kill innocent US citizens trying to make a statement. I didn’t march but I support their cause.

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