As I was reading thru comment after comment on several different sites, I was struck with the ignorance and hatred. Is it to be blamed entirely on our biased mainstream media? I think yes. The amount of fear based reactions to everything from race to education to health care to the government role, breaks down much too often, to people brainwashed from what they think is news. When the coo of fox news publicly claimed that he used the media to put his mission for the government and the country. That statement should scare every American, because how can we expect people to vote when they have been lied to. These people really believe that the government is this monster that needs to be out of their lives. What they don’t know is that the 1% is laughing all the way to the bank . They are laughing, because they were able to remove all the regulations in place to protect the 99% from the avarice of the 1%. We need a strong government, one that represents the people, not a government controlled by money. We need our taxes to be used for the good of the people, and it will take all of us to wake up those still caught in the zombie land, and to get everyone to vote. The only problem is that the fox news is still on their brainwashing mission and they have done such a good job, that it is hard to get thru to these people, and some there is no rescuing..  So how do we, as American people of the 99% that are not still zombies make sure that our government is taken away from the hands of the true parasites of the world(the 1% whose only value comes when they pay their fair share of taxes) and we get rid of those in government that have so corrupted by the 1%. Its time for the 99% to stand up to the parasites and make sure they know, we will allow them as long as they pay their fair share in taxes, but we will no longer let them bleed the economy dry by taking all the money, all the recourses, no, now is the time to vote sensibly and still what do we do about al the zombies that will vote the way fox news tell them?   Peace in your life


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