the semantics of words

I read a really good posting concerning how republicans are using words  for example:  Obama care    instead of the healthcare reform mandate universal health care.   See what I mean? Or class warfare   or fair pay for work or you make more you pay more taxes, stealing from the rich, or making the 1% pay taxes. See what I mean? The problem is that our government in collusion with the media, have created a government based on fear and making the 99% pay for the 1% to be nothing but parasites. Does that sound too harsh? It shouldn’t, as they fit the description of a parasite: some thing or some body that lives off the host. What most people seem to not know is that unless the 1% pay their fair share of taxes, they give nothing back and have nothing to do with how the economic market runs. In sheer numbers alone, the money that is spent and paid in taxes, far outnumbers, the paltry few 1%. Yet they hoard I have read as much as 90% of the wealth, leaving the 99% to exist on the 10% left. So, the only way then, that the 1% impacts the economic market in a positive manner is when they pay their taxes. Their tax rate has to go back to before president Reagan, and the tax breaks on capitol income or hedge funds or inheritance need to end. Then, we need to cease all subsidies to anything, unless its for clean non fossil fuel research. The oil companies posted the highest ever profits, and yet are still not only raising the price at the pump but still being given subsidies and tax breaks. Then there are the large corporations that thru tax breaks pay nothing, In my state, Facebook has a data storage warehouse, did that help our state. No, it didn’t, they don’t even have to pay property tax, because after all they are the job creators, the money trickles down. Well, where are the jobs? Where is that money? Oh that’s right, in their bank accounts, probably overseas.  Corporations that outsource should have to pay a punitive tax. So I come back to semantics. The republicans led by the poster boy for a 1% prostitute, have set forth a budget that will once and for all destroy our country. Its obscene the way they continue to flaunt their allegiance to the 1%. They know that Americans are seeing what they are doing, and they don’t care. In their arrogance , its like a slap to the face of the 99%, saying that they care for only the 1%. More of the ‘let them eat cake’ rhetoric. As they have in their war on women, now this war on American people, they show no shame, and act as if there is nothing we can do. Well, they are wrong. There is a lot we can do to change what is happening in Washington.We need to use our very powerful voice to enact the changes we need. It should be apparent now to many, that signing petitions, emailing your elected officials, emailing the president, calling these same people, does make a difference. Imagine if you will, that all of the 99% raised there voice in unison. We can and we must change our government and take back our democracy from money.  There is a lot of talk about the constitution, and how it doesn’t call for taxes or for as some people that post say is charity,but they are wrong. The states came together to insure that the people would be better provided for. That it would be easier to enact taxes with one government to oversee. Originally, church’s were taxed, and corporations had to disband and start over after 20 years. In fact there is a precedent for taxes for health care. Sailors at that time paid into sailors health care fund. The original hospitals for public use were set up by taxes. We did not revolt over paying taxes. We revolted against taxes without representation.

So semantics, and the damage that can be done by a party that is nothing better than a prostitute with the 1% as its pimp.  So for me, I will keep trying to get the truth out to as many people as I can. Next time someone calls it Obama care, tell them its affordable heath care reform. Next time they say the government  is to big, say instead, no its too small.
When a republican says that it cares about the lives of the 99%, you only have to point out that it’s the republican party’s love affair with the 1% that brought our country to this dismal spot. Once before the 1% were allowed to destroy the economy, too similar to now, and that led to the great depression. Many of the regulations removed in the last 30 years have led to the failed economy and the 1%with their ability to corrupt our government has taken the market to its knees, just like before. So, no we don’t need more of the same kind of failed policy’s, we need to change before its too late, back into a country to be proud of. I don’t know about you, but lately its not easy to feel proud to be an American citizen.  As usual thank you for your time reading this, and please peace in your life.


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