Why now?


In all my travels thru the net, on a daily basis, one question keeps coming to mind. Why now? Why now is the republican party and their keepers so intent on their woman attacking mode? What I find even more of a question, is why now is that kind of insanity also attacking Britain and Canada, though not quite to the same fervor of the use. Not long ago, in an election year, each party, tried to look the good guy. Not now, the republican party don’t care who they piss off, even the catholic church has no sway on this new brand of politician. What was it Boehner said, something to the effect that they just didn’t see then whole picture, that they were trying to save these programs, Now their battle cry is there is no war on women, its all made up by the democrats and evil Obama, and there is no class war, there is no war on poverty and social net program. Then in the same breath they will talk of what they are going to cut or gut completely, Is there some kind of disconnect, that they honestly think that they can do or say anything they want. as if they have no fear of being voted out of office, Do they know something we the people don’t get? Or, are they so disconnected from reality that they think they can say or do anything and all the fox zombies will   do as they say. It seems like each day, I learn even more questions, with not very easy to find answers. Then today, I read an open letter from a blogger begging people to become aware of what is going on in Japan. I signed the petition to our president and beg others to do the same. Why did I wait till now to mention this, is because I so don’t want to believe that the danger is this extreme and this real. Its scary and I am going to do more research and I am going to pray that everything I have read is not the way it will happen, As should we all pray for mother earth and those she calls her children.


what’s really happening in the world?

When I was doing my usual round of various sites, one thing stood out. This backward women attacking and the austerity cuts so that the rich can continue to bleed the economy dry, is not just here, Its in Canada and Great Britain and France and the austerity cuts are in all the other country’s/ Its almost like some world wide team of 1% crooks, have set the whole world up to fail. If it didn’t include the attacks on women maybe I wouldn’t question it so much, but this on top of the similar austerity cuts put forth in each country just smells of a conspiracy. Its just so out of the blue and yet it must have taken time to patiently lay the prep for a massive takeover of various government key positions, and then they set out to lay their web’s of deceit, first attacking women so as to take everyone minds off the reality of the economic status of the world, I am almost positive that this is not really happening, almost,. I think it bears closer watch, how about you? Peace)


Several posts today and articles were on social security and Medicare, What stuck out the most, were how the facts differed in many of the sites, but then some used the same figures but a different explanation, to come to different conclusions. Then there is the commenters and way too many are fox news zombies. Zombies are hard to get thru to, they are not able or don’t want to hear that fox news is just for entertainment. Fox news went to court and declared they were entertainment not news and as such could say and make up anything they wanted. The reason I brought them up, is because of course fox news has it that the baby boomers are going to break us, there wont be anything there when I am old. Change it, and you know the rest, the poor don’t pay enough taxes and yet in only one of the article on line, did I see acknowledgement that all that is needed to keep ss running smoothly is to cancel the payroll ceiling. Now, with Medicare and Medicaid, what is needed is for health care to be single payer, like Medicare opened t everyone, that way the government would negotiate the prices down, everyone would get good care, and gradually we would become a healthier country and that would show in so many ways, and improve everyone’s life’s. Why then, are all the majority of sites clamoring that its going to be insolvent and drastic changes now because we are all going to have to pay more and it will cost the government too much. Translation, the big health care industry is fighting this tooth and nail, especially the part about the majority of the premiums go to health care costs and not to the ceos’ and top brass. The part of the spin concerning ss is that the government owes the ss trust fund money, that was borrowed under you guess who and not replaced. But, the real question is why all the negative spin talk from most all the sites, not just fox news for zombies, and I am left to wonder how do we get money out of our government. How do we reclaim our government from ALEC the Koch bros big oil and the rest of the 1% and get a government that is not corrupt and that actually cares about the citizens and actually served for the people and by the people.Sorry, I didn’t mean to ramble on   peace to all and thank you for taking the time to read .

The Religious Right


I was amazed as I was reading thru some articles today, at how totally bazaar our country has truly become. We have the Catholic Church comparing our president to Hitler and the Nazis because of birth control for women. They at the same time tell a group of nuns, not to help the poor and poor women, but instead to stand behind the politics that the church wants, such as no marriages between same gender, and the no birth control policy. Very quietly, its mentioned that they sent a letter to congress saying that the poor needed to have food stamps and assistance in this time of our economy. Of course our lovely congress (Boehner) said that the catholic church didn’t see the whole picture and that’s the end of that. But our president is like Hitler for wanting to ensure that women have access to birth control. Then we have a church revival meeting about doing whatever it takes to get rid of the president, so that they can elect conservatives that will limit the continued ‘welfare ‘state’. What happened to these people? Did aliens come down and take over a whole segment of our population. Christian  used to mean charity, kindness, tolerance, love and now it somehow has come to mean, that they are a political force for all that’s wrong with our country. To say I was sad, is to put it lightly, and made even sadder at some of the comments, that I read on the articles. There are some very sick twisted evil people out there and sometimes, I wish I had never started researching and posting and commenting, because I never knew before all this, that these people existed. Sometimes the truth hurts, but also once knowing its impossible to go back to who I once was. If anyone would have told me that I would write a blog or become involved in posting and commenting, I would have laughed and said sure, But I have, and so now I am addicted to finding more and more information, to emailing my senators and representatives, even emailing the president. to signing petitions and yes writing my own blog. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks. Sorry for the rambling, and peace to anyone that takes the time to read this.

Why would any woman vote for republicans?


I ask that question, because I was on a site posting and commenting and was amazed that I ran into women who were going to vote republican and couldn’t see why I had a problem with that. When I told her that with the republican attack on women, not only about birth control but abortion issues and now equal pay and also domestic violence issues. She still didn’t know why I or anyone would have a problem with those issues and just blamed the president for this. Of course, I just quit responding, because there was no way to communicate and have any intelligent comments. Then I wondered if maybe she was one of those fox news zombies, and then it hit me that their might be others like her. How do we combat these zombies. Even when told that they have their facts wrong and that fox news actually went to court to say that they are not reporting news  so that meant they could lie if they wanted to. Do you ever feel like you just stepped into another dimension and how to find your way back? Sorry, I am rambling, am worried about my husband(hospital and congestive heart failure) so I will end now, Peace to everyone

46.5 million people that receive snap benefits to get an 11.1 % decrease in September 1st.


That’s right, a decrease scheduled for Sept. 1st and at the same time 4000 people get another tax cut, yes, that’s right a tax cut for 4000 vs. 46.5 million that will receive less money while those that don’t need it, will get more money. What are they thinking? Do they not know that we vote? Or do they no longer care, they are so sure that the money that has corrupted them and made them prostitutes to the that top tier  and big oil, somehow keep them in office? All I can say, is 46.5 million people will be mad as hell and they will vote, and all the money in the world wont stop them from being pushed out of office and hopefully into obscurity.  Peace everyone

buffet bill not even voted on

When I was reading and article on how the buffet bill was not even voted on and instead shelved into goop never land, one thing stuck out, and that was that several of these men that voted to shelve that bill and instead voted to pass the Paul Ryan bill, their own constituents back home were telling them H*** no, we do not want you to do that. Did they listen? No, and instead seem to have the cavalier idea that what they want is the only right thing, and they don’t’ have to listen to the people. Do they know something the rest of us don’t know? Why are they not afraid that they will not be reelected? Why are they not worried that they will be recalled by the people of their states? How is it that in their arrogance they think that we the people not only have no say, but no right in their eyes to even say what we the people want? How do we as the people change this? I, myself have no answers to that question, and am baffled at this new day and age of politics. Whatever happened to the politician that actually listened to the people, and understood that unless they did as the people requested they would no longer have a job. Not anymore, now, they with utmost pride, say with no apology, that they will give the rich more tax breaks, gut and privatize Medicare and social security, gut food stamps and medicate and unemployment. They want to destroy the education program and hand out vouchers for education, where does it stop? What has happened to our country and how do we the people get back a government with politicians that actually are for the people, by the people and of the people? I have no answers, only questions, that seem to multiply daily. I was once proud to be an American. There is no pride, when your country becomes a corporation run for the rich and by the rich. It seems as if they would like us to all disappear or become so weak from lack of food and health care, that we will be unable to stop their total destruction of our country. I have to have hope, because I think that is what makes Americans so strong, and that’s our hope for better for our children, for our earth for the world. Does anyone out there have answers?