What will the republicans do next?

As i was reading thru my numerous emails, and checking out the sites i visit regularly, one thing stood out the most. (i have been on vacation for the last week) The republicans seem bent on destroying our country, one way or another. When did it become a good thing to openly trash all that we as americans hold dear. You know, education for our young, social security for the elderly and disabled, medicare for the elderly and disabled and now the latest to be cut, unemployment insurance. One is left to wonder, when will it stop. Its easy to just say how much the republican party is out of touch with what americans want, but the harder question to answer, is why?  We have become first at be becoming last, and that should scare all of us. We are last at education, and seem to be intent at becoming first place at being last, else why we would our country keep cutting education, and continuing to raise tuition for college? We have a government that puts corporations before people, that lets corporations grow our food and then allow them to use known carciginocs and genetically modify our seeds. We have the highest costing health care that leaves millions to die each year from lack of health care access, and gives sub standard care for ever rising costs. Our children born today have a shorter life expectancy than you or i. We have millions unemployed and shrinking job markets, so that means there are not enough jobs to employ everyone.So, as we fall further behind, the question is why?  The next question is what can we do? I wish i had answers, but i dont, i just have more questions and am left sad that the country i was born into, no longer exists and my heart breaks for my children and my grandchildren. I want our country to be first at being good not first at being last. How about you?


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