What happened to normal politics?


Has anyone noticed that lately, there is no mention of anything that would help our economy, help our homeless, our poverty level, our education. No, instead we are bombarded with hatred and slurs and nothing more. Yes, our president is campaigning, but even he, is not really giving any answers to what we can expect that would help our struggling economy. I have the  utmost respect for our president, and he has accomplished many things in his first term. But, yeah there’s always a but, what is he offering that will pull us out of this downward spiral, that our country seems to be in. I and I believe so many others, want to have Medicare opened to everyone, guaranteed health care without the prospect of crushing debt, would be a boon to our country.  I think that he has compromised when he should have stood firm. He has allowed way too much oil drilling and has not gone after the crooks on wall street. I know that in an election year, he has to appease the voters, but does he realize that we the people, want more. I want him to repeal the bill that gives the usa and the military power to be used against American citizens. I want to know why the wealthy are not paying their fair share? I want to know what will be done to penalize corporations that outsource and then bring products back to the usa and sell for top prices and amassing unbelievable profits. I want to know why we are still subsidizing big oil. When will the corrupted in congress be reprimanded and in some cases impeached. I don’t think these are trivial questions and would like to hear a candidate talk about how they will enact change in our government and get rid of the money that seems to control our government. When will our government once more be a for the people and by the people. When will we the 99% matter more than the Koch brothers. At least our president does know what its like to be poor, and to be in a single parent household, and I know that he is a man of peace, which makes his decisions to sign bills that further restrict and endanger all American’s that might be deemed hostile to the government. He has signed bills restricting the ability of peaceful protests. Why, is a question I think he should answer. No matter, though, because he is the only choice available. I am hopeful that after he is reelected he will tackle these problems and listen to the people. Will that happen, I don’t know and I don’t think anyone does know. Don’t get me wrong, I approve of our president and will vote for him in the fall. I just think that we the people deserve more. How about you?


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