buffet bill not even voted on

When I was reading and article on how the buffet bill was not even voted on and instead shelved into goop never land, one thing stuck out, and that was that several of these men that voted to shelve that bill and instead voted to pass the Paul Ryan bill, their own constituents back home were telling them H*** no, we do not want you to do that. Did they listen? No, and instead seem to have the cavalier idea that what they want is the only right thing, and they don’t’ have to listen to the people. Do they know something the rest of us don’t know? Why are they not afraid that they will not be reelected? Why are they not worried that they will be recalled by the people of their states? How is it that in their arrogance they think that we the people not only have no say, but no right in their eyes to even say what we the people want? How do we as the people change this? I, myself have no answers to that question, and am baffled at this new day and age of politics. Whatever happened to the politician that actually listened to the people, and understood that unless they did as the people requested they would no longer have a job. Not anymore, now, they with utmost pride, say with no apology, that they will give the rich more tax breaks, gut and privatize Medicare and social security, gut food stamps and medicate and unemployment. They want to destroy the education program and hand out vouchers for education, where does it stop? What has happened to our country and how do we the people get back a government with politicians that actually are for the people, by the people and of the people? I have no answers, only questions, that seem to multiply daily. I was once proud to be an American. There is no pride, when your country becomes a corporation run for the rich and by the rich. It seems as if they would like us to all disappear or become so weak from lack of food and health care, that we will be unable to stop their total destruction of our country. I have to have hope, because I think that is what makes Americans so strong, and that’s our hope for better for our children, for our earth for the world. Does anyone out there have answers?


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