Why would any woman vote for republicans?


I ask that question, because I was on a site posting and commenting and was amazed that I ran into women who were going to vote republican and couldn’t see why I had a problem with that. When I told her that with the republican attack on women, not only about birth control but abortion issues and now equal pay and also domestic violence issues. She still didn’t know why I or anyone would have a problem with those issues and just blamed the president for this. Of course, I just quit responding, because there was no way to communicate and have any intelligent comments. Then I wondered if maybe she was one of those fox news zombies, and then it hit me that their might be others like her. How do we combat these zombies. Even when told that they have their facts wrong and that fox news actually went to court to say that they are not reporting news  so that meant they could lie if they wanted to. Do you ever feel like you just stepped into another dimension and how to find your way back? Sorry, I am rambling, am worried about my husband(hospital and congestive heart failure) so I will end now, Peace to everyone


One thought on “Why would any woman vote for republicans?

  1. I don’t understand them either Perhaps these are women that don’t have a problem with losing their rights not to mention self dignity.
    Anyway I hope you husband is okay.

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