The Religious Right


I was amazed as I was reading thru some articles today, at how totally bazaar our country has truly become. We have the Catholic Church comparing our president to Hitler and the Nazis because of birth control for women. They at the same time tell a group of nuns, not to help the poor and poor women, but instead to stand behind the politics that the church wants, such as no marriages between same gender, and the no birth control policy. Very quietly, its mentioned that they sent a letter to congress saying that the poor needed to have food stamps and assistance in this time of our economy. Of course our lovely congress (Boehner) said that the catholic church didn’t see the whole picture and that’s the end of that. But our president is like Hitler for wanting to ensure that women have access to birth control. Then we have a church revival meeting about doing whatever it takes to get rid of the president, so that they can elect conservatives that will limit the continued ‘welfare ‘state’. What happened to these people? Did aliens come down and take over a whole segment of our population. Christian  used to mean charity, kindness, tolerance, love and now it somehow has come to mean, that they are a political force for all that’s wrong with our country. To say I was sad, is to put it lightly, and made even sadder at some of the comments, that I read on the articles. There are some very sick twisted evil people out there and sometimes, I wish I had never started researching and posting and commenting, because I never knew before all this, that these people existed. Sometimes the truth hurts, but also once knowing its impossible to go back to who I once was. If anyone would have told me that I would write a blog or become involved in posting and commenting, I would have laughed and said sure, But I have, and so now I am addicted to finding more and more information, to emailing my senators and representatives, even emailing the president. to signing petitions and yes writing my own blog. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks. Sorry for the rambling, and peace to anyone that takes the time to read this.


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