Several posts today and articles were on social security and Medicare, What stuck out the most, were how the facts differed in many of the sites, but then some used the same figures but a different explanation, to come to different conclusions. Then there is the commenters and way too many are fox news zombies. Zombies are hard to get thru to, they are not able or don’t want to hear that fox news is just for entertainment. Fox news went to court and declared they were entertainment not news and as such could say and make up anything they wanted. The reason I brought them up, is because of course fox news has it that the baby boomers are going to break us, there wont be anything there when I am old. Change it, and you know the rest, the poor don’t pay enough taxes and yet in only one of the article on line, did I see acknowledgement that all that is needed to keep ss running smoothly is to cancel the payroll ceiling. Now, with Medicare and Medicaid, what is needed is for health care to be single payer, like Medicare opened t everyone, that way the government would negotiate the prices down, everyone would get good care, and gradually we would become a healthier country and that would show in so many ways, and improve everyone’s life’s. Why then, are all the majority of sites clamoring that its going to be insolvent and drastic changes now because we are all going to have to pay more and it will cost the government too much. Translation, the big health care industry is fighting this tooth and nail, especially the part about the majority of the premiums go to health care costs and not to the ceos’ and top brass. The part of the spin concerning ss is that the government owes the ss trust fund money, that was borrowed under you guess who and not replaced. But, the real question is why all the negative spin talk from most all the sites, not just fox news for zombies, and I am left to wonder how do we get money out of our government. How do we reclaim our government from ALEC the Koch bros big oil and the rest of the 1% and get a government that is not corrupt and that actually cares about the citizens and actually served for the people and by the people.Sorry, I didn’t mean to ramble on   peace to all and thank you for taking the time to read .


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