what’s really happening in the world?

When I was doing my usual round of various sites, one thing stood out. This backward women attacking and the austerity cuts so that the rich can continue to bleed the economy dry, is not just here, Its in Canada and Great Britain and France and the austerity cuts are in all the other country’s/ Its almost like some world wide team of 1% crooks, have set the whole world up to fail. If it didn’t include the attacks on women maybe I wouldn’t question it so much, but this on top of the similar austerity cuts put forth in each country just smells of a conspiracy. Its just so out of the blue and yet it must have taken time to patiently lay the prep for a massive takeover of various government key positions, and then they set out to lay their web’s of deceit, first attacking women so as to take everyone minds off the reality of the economic status of the world, I am almost positive that this is not really happening, almost,. I think it bears closer watch, how about you? Peace)


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