Why now?


In all my travels thru the net, on a daily basis, one question keeps coming to mind. Why now? Why now is the republican party and their keepers so intent on their woman attacking mode? What I find even more of a question, is why now is that kind of insanity also attacking Britain and Canada, though not quite to the same fervor of the use. Not long ago, in an election year, each party, tried to look the good guy. Not now, the republican party don’t care who they piss off, even the catholic church has no sway on this new brand of politician. What was it Boehner said, something to the effect that they just didn’t see then whole picture, that they were trying to save these programs, Now their battle cry is there is no war on women, its all made up by the democrats and evil Obama, and there is no class war, there is no war on poverty and social net program. Then in the same breath they will talk of what they are going to cut or gut completely, Is there some kind of disconnect, that they honestly think that they can do or say anything they want. as if they have no fear of being voted out of office, Do they know something we the people don’t get? Or, are they so disconnected from reality that they think they can say or do anything and all the fox zombies will   do as they say. It seems like each day, I learn even more questions, with not very easy to find answers. Then today, I read an open letter from a blogger begging people to become aware of what is going on in Japan. I signed the petition to our president and beg others to do the same. Why did I wait till now to mention this, is because I so don’t want to believe that the danger is this extreme and this real. Its scary and I am going to do more research and I am going to pray that everything I have read is not the way it will happen, As should we all pray for mother earth and those she calls her children.


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