Are we at risk of becoming a fascist country?


It seems lately that each day brings some new attack on women’s health and another self righteous usually a man, saying that no abortion should be allowed, because of their religious convictions. What makes them think that their convictions are better than mine? Then I was sent to a link that outlined the steps that happen when a country is under attack by fascists. Wow, it outlined everything that has been happening here in the use  but in Europe, included voter restrictions, abortion and birth control issues, great wealth inequality and police state mentality. The very next day I read, that in this article the writer believed that our risk from the fascist bully’s was on the decline. I don’t think so. Look what is happening in Wisconsin, with the recall efforts for the governor and the outside money that is pouring to support his win. What right do outside people get to undermine the state government. One other part of the fascist takeover is unions, and the break up of labor protections, and also disbanding of government programs. All social net programs are next to go. Disturbing isn’t it, that it appears that a fascist group of the top 1% in the world, could make an all out grab for world domination, is this close and can we really beat them. Just my thoughts today, Please have peace in your life.


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