It happened again, the president did a remarkable thing, he stood up against prejudice and the House GOP’s immediately came up with a bill against it. This, knowing that around 70% of Americans are with the president with this issue. The issue can 2 people that are the same sex be legally married. I must admit I have never understood what the problem is, why should it matter and how can it hurt anyone. If a church does not want to participate in a marriage that’s their right as a religion. I can’t see that it is wrong in any way to cement civil marriages legally with all the same rights that go with civil marriage. Who does it hurt? How can it hurt anyone that two people want to agree to share their lives in love. So, then, the next question, is how come the response of the GOP’S in the house is to denounce and try to push a bill thru to make it illegal. Why?

Then we have the budgets, and again if its good for the American people, they go out of their way to take more and more away and even discuss that those that make less than 20 thousand a year need to have their taxes upped as much as 60%. That’s right, its part of m Romney’s budget plans. I am sure that you have heard lately about the 47% that don’t pay federal taxes and how that is such a disgraces, and so tax increases and removal of the programs that help those stuck in the poverty cycle of the use is the plan the GOP’S call for.

Then I am left with this feeling that I am missing something here, because why in election year voting for a president, would a party try so hard to do everything in their power to anger so much of the population? Why are they not afraid, that they will all be voted out of office? Maybe they think that the corporate money that owns them will be able to use that same money to ensure that they are not voted out. What if they pull a bush/gore and pay to have the voting go the way they want.

I haven’t been able to even write for a few days, because all of the articles and the comments that I was reading, was so depressing. How can so many people in the USA  be so ignorant of the reality of the issues facing us? How can so many of them think that what the GOP’S party wants to do is ok, and say that of course we have to quit all those programs that are just for the takers and that those takers are bleeding the country dry One even said that why should the rich and successful people have to pay for those that didn’t work as hard as they did. I was in shock and disbelief, because these people really believe this and also so many times are receiving some form of assistance and seem disconnected  from the fact that they will be voting for people that want to take it all away, so the richest of the rich can have more tax cuts.

The risk to our country has never been greater, than right now. I feel that it can go either way, one a good result and one a nightmare. Sometimes I am confident that we will be able to pull together as a people and with peace take our country back. Then other times. like now, after reading so much hatred(in Virginia the local GOP’S monthly advocates armed reprisal if the president Obama is re elected) and the fact that if the republicans do gain control, we will see rioting, and it could go really bad, I pray daily for the path to a peaceful resolution to our governments problems and for our earth, that the same 1% of the 1%, are not allowed to destroy our earth in their pursuit of fossil fuels. I pray for all of us that we as the people will be able to find a peaceful and loving resolution.

Please pray with me on this.(when I say pray, I invoke no religion)

Vote and make sure that all around you vote and educate all around you to what is really happening, not the lies and stories that are legally allowed to be broadcast on our media.

We are the 99% and we can make a difference if 579064_368933369820313_158896427490676_1003829_856321485_nwe learn how to combine our voice in peace and love and save our world for our grandchildren’s grandchildren etc. that our world will stay sustainable for humanity


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