The last few days as I did my usual searching the internet an checking in on blogs that I like, I have been depressed to the point that I had to get off the computer. Not sure why, but way more than usual, there has been the mean, rude and downright ignorant parroting  what they get fed from mainstream media posters. They are quite unwilling to even consider that they may not know the whole story. Its next to impossible to get any of them to even listen to the fact that our broadcast news are allowed in the USA to not tell the truth. They are owned 90% by 6 different media giants that also owns in other countries. Sometimes I will try for a little while, giving them links to check and ways to verify what I am telling them. They never check and will instead insist that I couldn’t possibly know what I am talking about. The scary part, is how proud they are that they vote. So then, I am left to worry, what if they all vote, and the sane educated people display the usual apathy and don’t vote. Our country will be destroyed if republicans are allowed to gain even more spots in congress and if m Romney is elected president. That will sign the death of all that we take for granted. The takeover by corporate money will be complete.

We need to vote, we need to encourage all abound us to vote and we must continue to stay involved in our government and keep on blogging and commenting and reading what other’s post.

Too many times lately, I have seen and heard mentions of civil unrest, revolting and anarchy, all nightmare scenarios  that I pray so much does not happen. One sight I checked today listed the places where peaceful nonviolent civil rebels happened. We need to remove corporate money and influence from our government.

Most important, think of peace and love and ways to ensure that our country survives our government



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