If I or you signed a contract saying that we would refuse to work with the government and instead signed saying we would not do our job, we would be arrested. Its not like it’s a secret, we have know from the very first days of our presidents first days, what the GOP has in mind. First they said that their only goal was to make it a one term presidency. Then we find out that the republicans all signed a contract with a man(Grover Norbist) that they will not raise taxes on the wealthy. Then we have their repeated attacks on women’s rights and health care. Of course, as they tell us, its all in our imaginations, made up by the democrats, and there is no war on women. Then in almost the next breath, they unveil their latest attack, and refusing to sign the violence against women if it applied to illegal status or if they were same sex gender and even left out native Indians. Then we have an Arizona republican senator that wants to limit the abortion rights of women in the dc district and won’t allow the woman that is the represented from that district have any say in the bill. Now that’s a war on women.

Back to Grover Norquist, he is a traitor to our country, and I think that it should be a legal case against this ‘private citizen who is not an elected official that is obtaining signatures from republican elected officials that they will not raise any taxes on the top tier, you know the 1%. We also have this same man with his quote  ‘ we don’t need a president that can think, we need a president that when we give him a pen he will sign whatever we put in front of him. Maybe I am wrong, but isn’t that an act of treason against our government?


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