I ask that question many times a day, anymore. Although I am spending way too much time on the computer and paying with pain, I cant seem to stop. From the morning when I wake up and all thru the day, I open my email, sign petitions, send emails, and make calls, on some days. Then I go to some of the sites I like to frequent and read thru those that I follow and then go on to comment myself. The overwhelming proof of the possibility of the great power of the combined voice is in all of these daily activity’s, because it’s a growing amount of new people daily on these sites, and it seems that one petition leads to another and then I start on trying to read the bill’s up for grabs and who votes how and so on.

Most days, I go to bed, confident that it will be enough, that everyone will keep up this small army of internet fighters and we will prevail. Then there are the days, I wonder if anything will be able to stop this spiral of disaster that the repo’s shills to corporate money and the dam’s that are willing to let it happen. when I was a teenager, there was all the underground talk of anarchy and the call for armed resistance, and of course that was also the days of flower powered and the age of love. Although the talk was scary, it was never any real threat. Today, when I hear certain grumblings here and there and when an senator of good stature says that he is afraid of what the future could bring, even armed insurgence, if the Rep’s shill to the vampire 1% if this downward spiral into a hole so many Americans, seem ready to not only allow to happen, but vote for the candidates that promise to destroy our country.

Read an article on Fox news and how those that watched knew little beyond the brainwashing and lies that they are legally allowed to tell. How do we fight against that? Then the thoughts of what kind of world will be here for my grandchildren, puts the energy to continue on this journey and hope and pray that others also wake up and take this journey that when the states of the united states stand separate, there is no greatness, but when all states are united together  that’s when the American People show their greatness.

With all the good energy that is transmitted by so many excellent posters, hopefully that will be enough to cut thru the Zombies of the Gop’s shill to only money that seem as if in a trance and willing to vote away all their civil rights and all aid and good that comes from the government. It is my fervent prayer daily, that the energy of all that is of the light and positive will be more than the energy of the darkest and most negative energy

Peace, and I have no idea if anyone reads this, and if you do, thank you for your time and I always enjoy comments, that’s how we learn when we converse back and forth

faith hope and love and love being the greatest gift of all579064_368933369820313_158896427490676_1003829_856321485_n


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