• I know that is a little shocking, but I mean it. When they were allowed to legally lie, and they went to court several times and were allowed the concession that they could legally lie. Yet we have millions of people that watch what they think is real factual news. They believe the propaganda about the economy and the government and the president, who they villifiy at every chance. Yet we have these millions, that even when confronted with the fact that fox news lies, refuse to believe it. Why? What has happened to our country? I know I am not young, but still the news used to be the news. How did we go so far from the country we once were?
      • Yesterday I read and signed a petition to ask that the government not be given the legal right to use propaganda on us, the citizens.
      • Maybe it’s just me, but I wonder now what is really happening in our country and how to know if it’s the truth.
      • Today I was on a site with a lot of fox news junkies and its so depressing the amount of ignorance, racist and anti helping anyone but themselves that they really seem to have. What if not enough of us that haven’t been brainwashed by fox news vote?


  1. I enjoy FOX news as an alternative to commercial news media that wants to be a camp follower of anyone in power to curry favor and crumbs off the elite rich.

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