When I received this posting, I was horrified at what I found. These media giants are trying to make a deal, where they could fine us for going to the wrong links, turn our internet off, and also  ban certain parts of the internet. I was wrong, I though that the ‘1%’ would want to keep the internet open, so as that they can bombard us with ads, but also because they are able to track our every move. What it does to me when I see evidence like this, and how they want to control the internet, and this is not by government involvement. As it stands now, only 6 media giants control the internet and media in the us, and more than one of those media giants is also in other countries. Will the government let this happen, I don’t know. What I do know is that we are going to have to stage another internet shutdown, just like we did with soma. Since they want to be able to fine us for the wrong links or that we used too much data, I wonder what there reaction would be to a world wide blackout. If enough people would just show a ‘blacked out in protest’ for their status and blogs and blogging sites, and if at the same time, did not use any of the search engines or clicked on any ads, would it get there attention. One thing for sure is that they counted on secret meetings and do want very much to keep us from knowing what they are doing. At the same time, how can a corporate media giant trump government laws? Its looking like I am going to have to learn how to hack and to find other methods to connect with the internet.We are all going to have to learn how to get around their proposed internet trap. What if for just one day, everyone called these giants that are involved and told them, that until they cancel their proposed treaty, we will not be using their internet or phone or cable until they cancel. We do have that power, and we must not forget that we hold 99% of the voice. They may control the money, but in sheer numbers there are not many of them.

They have a standing army now for inside our borders. Do you think that they will fire on American citizens? Will the lure of easy money be all it takes to make this army fire on their fellow Americans?  I knew it would get worse as this global fascist corporate movement tries to hold onto the power. This new threat from the corporate 1% shows that they are afraid that they might not be able to contain us. We must show them that they cannot contain us. We need to come together like never before and fight the greatest threat this nation has ever known. The similarity’s between now and pre Nazi Germany are striking. I have included a link to the signs of a fascist takeover and see if you also see that this is really happening to our country.                                    


Please everyone share what I am telling you, and please get as many people to sign the petition as you can. We are on the freed   I also included this link about the possibilities of civil unrest in the use. That’s why its so important to be able to freely communicate with each other and why we need to use words and passive protesting (think boycotting and signing petitions and making phone calls and emails) it does work and it’s the way to go if we want to avoid bloodshed. I was reading a very good article the other day by a man that has reported on civil unrests in other countries and he said that he thought we still had a chance to avoid bloodshed and use instead passive protests and no weapons other than our words. For example, a protest where everyone wears tape across their mouth and no one says a word, but stands there, peacefully, no weapons, no signs and when night falls, (every hour change out, so that there is no ‘loitering’ small fireless candles and still silence. Sometimes the words we don’t say, speak the loudest. It is coming and we need to be prepared.


601281_10150865299725677_1149013885_nI don’t think its by accident that the word inside evolve is love. Peace and may harmony and love be in your life. We can win this fight as long as we stick together. Divided we fall and its so obvious that the corporate 1% are trying to do just that, by using race and hatred and greed and poverty, coupled with lack of good education and poor health care, they count on us not fighting them. Please help me prove them wrong.


Major Oil Spills in Alberta Prompt Questions and Concerns About Keystone XL Pipeline |


After reading about the spills in Canada, can anyone still say that we need to bring this thru our country? When you all you hear from our ‘corrupt house’ is that the country needs to drill more and how dare we not let this pipeline thru, its good to have facts to back up the reasons why not. One other good reason, is that ‘speaker Boehner’ has monetary investments in 5 of the companies that make up keystone pipeline. Also, two different governors also have an interest in this pipeline being put thru. How can this be even legal?

Its up to we the people to keep corporate money and bill oil from destroying our country. Too often, in the past we have felt like it wouldn’t matter anyway, so why try. Well look where apathy has take us to. Not sure about you, but I don’t much like what our country has become. I read where in that new ‘trade bill’ that the president is signing allows other countries corporations to do as they want in our country and not be limited by our environmental laws. That makes me so angry. Why would our president sell our country out to corporate greed? Don’t get me wrong, I will still vote for the president to be re-elected, and I will pray daily that we are able to back the house and hold the senate to democrat control That is our only hope.

So, I won’t give up and will continue to research and share what I find. I will continue to sign petitions, send emails and make phone calls. Please join me in this journey to reclaim our government.579064_368933369820313_158896427490676_1003829_856321485_n



What’s interesting to me, is just in the names themselves, how could anyone think that austerity would create a thriving economy. Austerity means no cash, no spending on anything, laying off personal and doing without. Stimulus on the other means to stimulate or to encourage growth. So, on one hand we do without and spend nothing and on the other we spend and create growth with on its own, creates more income to spend and grow. Why then would any country or state government think that to cut back and spend nothing would bring anything but less of everything. While if you spend and create jobs and people spend money, then that encourages growth and that creates revenue.

Simple, right? Why then is there any question? What would make a country decide to commit economic suicide? Because that is what it is, plain and simple. Could it be that the global corporate money wants the governments to take the austerity version, knowing that it will make the country’s economy even more dependent on the corporate money that can bail them out? If instead as two countries have already done,. and the government refuses to pay and defaults on the loans from private and corporate money, what then happens? Really, if you think about it, if instead the government invests in its country and its people, doing all it can with that money to stimulate and grow the economy, in the end then the money that was borrowed can be paid back and still have surplus left over.

That’s what the corporate money doesn’t want, there can be no other conclusion. What is right to do and what is the version different countries will take, I don’t know. How nice it would be if for once in a long while our country put we the people first. What if our president would have been able to stay true to political promises instead of selling out to the money that put him there in the first place. Does that mean I wont vote for him in November, no, I will still vote for him, it’s the only choice.

The only answer is to invest in the countries infrastructure and put people back to work repairing our country and we need to provide re-training and free college for all that want to partake of that for the chance for our country to once more have educated employees. We need to tax corporations high and then give breaks for not outsourcing and breaks for a healthy % between coo’s and employees, thus creating livable wages. We need to tax the top tier and we need to remove the so payroll tax ceiling. We need to tax progressive surd-charge(on the top tier until infrastructure  fixed) and we need to band together, no more states all for themselves, no more of the only for me attitude. We need to create and generate clean non fossil fuel sources, that would be the way to global competing for our country. We need Medicare open to all from birth and education that is good. We need to make sure our social net programs are amped up and made available to help people up and that is the way to a good economy.

Will our country choose the stimulus vs. the austerity? What do you think?

Peace 392567_406212986089161_903902734_n


Below you will find a link to be able to sign a petition calling for and end to pledging Grover Nor Quist to never ever raise taxes on the rich and to not allow large corporations to be regulated. We are living the nightmare of what these people want for the United States. If like me you feel this borders on treason to the government and to we the people. The only pledge any of these people should take is a pledge to serve the People and to uphold our constitution in its statement to provide for the people by the people, and levied taxes are to provide for the country and for the welfare of the people. Even M Romney has signed this pledge with Grover Nor Quist. What is really scary, is this man has not and is not in a government office. Instead he is a private citizen with a mission to own and control our government. His infamous statement” have to do is replace Obama. … We are not auditioning for fearless leader. We don’t need a president to tell us in what direction to go. We know what direction to go. We want the Ryan budget. … We just need a president to sign this stuff. We don’t need someone to think it up or design it. The leadership now for the modern conservative movement for the next 20 years will be coming out of the House and the Senate.


Please join myself and thousands of others that want to reclaim our government from corporate greed and lust for power.





I decided to put together some more sayings and photo’s I found today in my travels. Everyday, I have many different sites that I blog on and that I read and learn. Many times, it’s a link that I found on someone’s post that I have followed and then used that and researched from there. Because of all that, I really have found my life changed. Each and everyday, I learn something new and would like to pass on to others. 556591_245313475579169_13252205_n206085_245332105577306_1449224837_n179180_10150887570681275_667380874_nFrench-socialist-partystupid-404886_179444618823140_150231905077745_230813_1683041708_n


Peace and I hope you enjoyed the different ‘photos’. May your life be filled with harmony.Thank you for the time you took to read thru