This is a question that I ask everyone I meet, and it is not something I used to do. Its just too important to not take a chance that we lose because of voter apathy. Too many times, lately, I hear the I am not going to vote this year. I have heard the one that goes like this    Its better not to vote than to vote for anyone that is not different, or that since they don’t like the choices, they will show their displeasure by not voting.  then there is the why should I vote, they are all corrupt and my vote wont matter. 

It matters, and it matters like never before. We are at a crossroads, go left and we stand a chance at reclaiming our government from corporate money and go right and we crash into a nightmare of economic austerity and a repeat of bush antics in government. What worries me, is how many people are brainwashed by fox news. There is a reason why Fox news is not allowed in canada, they require their news to be factual and truthful, something our government courts says that fox news does not have to conform to.

Vote everyone, and please don’t be shy about ensuring that all around you vote, and make sure they know the real facts and how important this election really is.

Peace and as 312623_256744024371415_121526407893178_769889_943065866_nalways thank you for the time you spent reading.


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