They voted to keep the governor they petitioned to recall. Why? Was it because of the college students not allowed to vote because of new voter rag laws or was it the people that were called and told that since they signed the petition, they didn’t need to vote? The real reason is all the outside money from other states and that money was used  to provide for false and hateful ads and the fact that the money was used so open, is really a mystery to me, because, since we all on line were aware of the truth, was it possible though that the people in Wisconsin, didn’t know because they only saw the negative ads and listened to fox news. I don’t know, but it does make me sad.

What will happen in November? Will there be the same result? I hope not, but after last night, I don’t have as much hope as I did. How can people vote against their best interests? How can they ignore the fact that millions were used from outside the state money to buy walker his governor seat. That sucks, big time for everyone.

The only good thing I see is that this will make the republicans lazy and over-confident and that those of us that consider themselves a liberal thinker and deem party it points out that we will have to work so hard to make sure that all Americans are able to see and read and hear the true facts. Just not sure how to make it happen.

How did our country become full of brainwashed ignorant racist and fanatical people? They scare me, with their intense beliefs that are unswayable even when confronted with facts. Is it the fault of education cuts that have dumbed our country? Is it the fact that our news is legally allowed to lie and slant the news? To be truthful, it reminds me so much of what happened in Germany and Italy where so much of the population was brainwashed into accepting what of course turned out to be a tragic mistake for all concerned. Do most people really think that the rich are in some special class, where they deserve all the tax cuts and corporate tax cuts and that then somehow, we the people are less. No, we are not less, and there must be someway to wake the people up, there must be someway to insert the truth and the real facts so that all people are educated about the true facts of the GOP (American Taliban) and that the last 33 years of tax policy’s and removal of regulations have caused the greatest exchange of wealth in history in such a short time. We are on par with Uganda as having the largest inequality of wealth in the world. Yet day after day, I read comments from people defending the rich and large corporations, saying that they already pay so much, and why should they pay more, when so many (working poor) pay no federal taxes. When confronted with the truth of what these policy’s have done to our economy, they still retreat to its class warfare, jealousy and envy and who says what’s fair, just quit picking on the rich that were successful. How do you confront that?

A question I ask myself a lot, is how did we all not see it happening? I remember what it was like before 1980 and it was a truly different country, one where there really existed an American  dream of being able to do better than your parents did and you could if you worked hard enough aspire to be part of what we now call the 1%. So, how did we miss what was happening all around us? I remember when Reagan started the whole welfare queen rhetoric, using that term to totally remake the welfare aid at that time. Ironic is the fact that the original welfare paid enough to actually allow someone to live and to have a chance to better themselves thru education or training. That’s when the media started demonizing the ‘poor welfare mom’ that just had baby’s to stay on welfare. They never existed then anymore than they exist now, but the media and the government convinced a whole country that it was true. They convinced a whole nation that the rich needed tax breaks so they would make more jobs and that corporations and banks and wall street needed those pesky regulations removed so that they could make more money for us the people, You know the job creators and the trickle down effect. Well as we all now know, that doesn’t work and now we are here with shrinking freedom and civil rights and no way to get out of the hole that they have dug for the American people.

Hopefully, the American people will wake up and all will realize that we need to reclaim our government and that means voting for the right people. I did forget to mention that in Wisconsin, they did regain democratic control of their congress, that is good for their state.

My biggest fear is anarchy and bloodshed. We are on the freedom watch for two things,  lack of freedom of press and 5th on a list of countries that might experience violent civil unrest. I don’t want that to happen and I know most others do not, also. So my question is how do we stop it from happening.

536621_445974778746306_100000013639885_1775928_1997970995_n                    As always peace on your journey and thank you for taking the time to read and I always enjoy feedback, good or bad


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