I ask this question because I am afraid that massive count of people will just sit it out. This was brought home today, while in the waiting room with my husband, and when I picked up the paper, gasped because they are still going to try to ram thru bringing uncovered coal down our river and thru places that have plants that grow nowhere else. That’s another story, but it led to more political talk, with the mans conclusion that he was so fed up with the lies and the obvious attack on all the 99% that he has decided to just not vote and show them.

Yes, I tried to gently ask if that wouldn’t make it worse and possibly bring into power people that had no good plans for our country. Of course, we are in a waiting room, so didn’t go much further, except he said that, it didn’t matter, did it, because the votes would be crooked and money was what controls all of them, so why vote? Time for me to say, that I hoped that he would reconsider, and please vote, and smiled and went back to reading my book.

Trouble is that I see this so often, on the different sites I visit daily, so many people that state that they will not be voting, because the votes will be rigged or that neither candidate is good, and big money owns the government so why bother. Compounded by the incessant propaganda that fox news spews daily and the fact that our news is really censored in the use(90% owned by 6 media giants) has led to a major part of our population, even educated intelligent people that are so dis-enfranchised, that apathy has taken hold.

This is what could lead to the total downfall of our country. The GOP and their tea party fanatics that are teaching their newest members to be how to enact a hostile takeover of our government, and the American Taliban and their signatures on a contract with a private citizen to never ever raise tax’s on the rich, (Romney has signed this contract also) and the outright bribes of our government elected officials who are showered with extreme sums of money and guess what they always vote in these peoples favor.

I jokingly said on another site, that maybe aliens came down and took these people over, because they are so out there and someone responded with the thought that they were changing the world to be hotter and more toxic and maybe being aliens would be a really good possibility, Of course, they are not aliens, but maybe they all drank from the same ‘cup of poison’ that has filled them with evil. Lets be really up front, they are evil, all of them, from Romney  and we need to tax people that make under 20thousand 60% more to the proposed cuts to all social net programs including the ones we all pay for and cutting the rich and corporations even more and of course pile on more money to military and cut all environmental programs.

How can we change this, how can we help ensure that people fight thru the propaganda and they vote. We need to get all democrat and the president and then we have 4 years to take back our country. I hope we do, I really do. There is way too much talk online about what could happen if the austerity feed the rich goes thru. None of us ever wants that, I know I don’t so I pray every day for the light of harmony peace and love will shine brighter than the darkness of the nightmare of evil in our country.

Peace and my love and faith and harmony shine the light on you. Thank you for the time to read this.



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