No, this is not a lie, there is now a law in Indiana signed by governor Mitch Daniels, that make it legal to shoot and kill any public employee(that includes police and firemen) if they feel they have entered there property without cause. Here is the link


Also here is the link for the actual bill to prove the veracity of the link

What is happening to our country? We have Arizona with an armed militia and Michigan with its takeover of city governments and not allowing the people to have any say in there own government and now this. Where does it stop? Why do people want to not pay to have firemen, police and teachers? I just don’t get it. I really don’t get how people could think that privatizing schools would be smart.

The reason for a democracy is for people to combine their tax money to provide for a strong government to oversees education, programs like FDA and EPA and all the rest that protect the people from corporate greed. We the people want to have police, firemen and teachers. We also want to have health care for all and livable wages.

Sadly, that is what the very rich should want too, and I am confused as to why they don’t . History shows over and over again what happens when great inequality’s of wealth happen as has happened here. What I don’t understand is this very new state of politics when public employees are vilified.

Our country is fast becoming a nightmare and am frightened of what could happen in November, if enough people don’t vote democrat. I so pray that doesn’t happen and we still have a chance to reclaim our government from the clutches of the GOP(Goblins Overtaking People)


Peace and thank you for your time



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