I don’t know if you have been keeping up with Florida and their ongoing scheme to purge ‘fraudulent voters from their voter registration rolls less than 60 days from their primary . Why? In fact, though little media is given to it, they are not alone in the voter id laws that have passed in republican ran states. Its obvious that they are trying to prevent democrats from voting. We must not allow this.

The first step to a fascist country is to have rigged elections. Couple this with a party that is running on not having health care for citizens, for denying aid to people that need it and of course giving more and huger tax breaks to the rich and to corporations. We even have our president willing to compromise our environment to allow foreign country’s corporations to not abide by our rules and regulations. What has happened to our country?

I am sad tonight, because of all the articles and then the responses to these articles and its plain that a very large portion of our population actually believes that we need to tax the poor more, so that they will work harder. Can you believe that? They also think that they should be limited as to what they can buy with their food stamps and how they can spend there money. We have a country where people that can only find minimum wage have to work from 71 to 88 hours a week to barely meet basic needs and if they have children they still need help with food and health care and child care. Education all across the country has been cut and we have states teaching children untruths and not allowing real science to be taught.

I worry about what could happen if they are allowed to rig the elections so republicans win. To be honest I have actually wondered if its possible to emigrate. Never thought I would ever say anything like that and of course instead I and my family will try to find a way to change and reclaim our country from corporate money and power.

Vote everyone, please vote, and be vocal wherever you go to encourage others to vote. We must vote in all democrats to be able to have a chance at a better use instead of the nightmare the republican party wants for our country.




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