What’s interesting to me, is just in the names themselves, how could anyone think that austerity would create a thriving economy. Austerity means no cash, no spending on anything, laying off personal and doing without. Stimulus on the other means to stimulate or to encourage growth. So, on one hand we do without and spend nothing and on the other we spend and create growth with on its own, creates more income to spend and grow. Why then would any country or state government think that to cut back and spend nothing would bring anything but less of everything. While if you spend and create jobs and people spend money, then that encourages growth and that creates revenue.

Simple, right? Why then is there any question? What would make a country decide to commit economic suicide? Because that is what it is, plain and simple. Could it be that the global corporate money wants the governments to take the austerity version, knowing that it will make the country’s economy even more dependent on the corporate money that can bail them out? If instead as two countries have already done,. and the government refuses to pay and defaults on the loans from private and corporate money, what then happens? Really, if you think about it, if instead the government invests in its country and its people, doing all it can with that money to stimulate and grow the economy, in the end then the money that was borrowed can be paid back and still have surplus left over.

That’s what the corporate money doesn’t want, there can be no other conclusion. What is right to do and what is the version different countries will take, I don’t know. How nice it would be if for once in a long while our country put we the people first. What if our president would have been able to stay true to political promises instead of selling out to the money that put him there in the first place. Does that mean I wont vote for him in November, no, I will still vote for him, it’s the only choice.

The only answer is to invest in the countries infrastructure and put people back to work repairing our country and we need to provide re-training and free college for all that want to partake of that for the chance for our country to once more have educated employees. We need to tax corporations high and then give breaks for not outsourcing and breaks for a healthy % between coo’s and employees, thus creating livable wages. We need to tax the top tier and we need to remove the so payroll tax ceiling. We need to tax progressive surd-charge(on the top tier until infrastructure  fixed) and we need to band together, no more states all for themselves, no more of the only for me attitude. We need to create and generate clean non fossil fuel sources, that would be the way to global competing for our country. We need Medicare open to all from birth and education that is good. We need to make sure our social net programs are amped up and made available to help people up and that is the way to a good economy.

Will our country choose the stimulus vs. the austerity? What do you think?

Peace 392567_406212986089161_903902734_n


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