Major Oil Spills in Alberta Prompt Questions and Concerns About Keystone XL Pipeline |


After reading about the spills in Canada, can anyone still say that we need to bring this thru our country? When you all you hear from our ‘corrupt house’ is that the country needs to drill more and how dare we not let this pipeline thru, its good to have facts to back up the reasons why not. One other good reason, is that ‘speaker Boehner’ has monetary investments in 5 of the companies that make up keystone pipeline. Also, two different governors also have an interest in this pipeline being put thru. How can this be even legal?

Its up to we the people to keep corporate money and bill oil from destroying our country. Too often, in the past we have felt like it wouldn’t matter anyway, so why try. Well look where apathy has take us to. Not sure about you, but I don’t much like what our country has become. I read where in that new ‘trade bill’ that the president is signing allows other countries corporations to do as they want in our country and not be limited by our environmental laws. That makes me so angry. Why would our president sell our country out to corporate greed? Don’t get me wrong, I will still vote for the president to be re-elected, and I will pray daily that we are able to back the house and hold the senate to democrat control That is our only hope.

So, I won’t give up and will continue to research and share what I find. I will continue to sign petitions, send emails and make phone calls. Please join me in this journey to reclaim our government.579064_368933369820313_158896427490676_1003829_856321485_n



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