Today is the 4th of July, a time of fireworks and the promise that we are celebrating the land of the free. We are not free in the USA and I think its been a long time since we were free. Countless times lately, I have wondered how did I miss what was happening, The big question is how did we all miss what our elected officials were doing to our country?  Is it too late? I sure hope not, I sure hope not.

Yet I watched those fireworks tonight and thought about all that makes being an American seem special, and if its possible that we can ever be proud again in the future to be an American  Can we stop this fascist corporate takeover of our government?

President Obama is still the only candidate available, but he has and is selling us out to corporate dollar. He is signing the NAFTA treaty, which will enable corporations to act as separate enmities and not held liable to environmental damage or local laws. They will have the ability to prevent us from going to links online that they deem wrong, and fine us for going to the wrong link. They will be able (they is corporate entities, not government) to press charges, take our computer and have us put in jail. This is not freedom. The USA has requested more sources and info from Twitter than all other countries combined.

This is not freedom. What do we do now? Is it too late? Will we be able to somehow, peacefully, reclaim our government?

We have fought before for freedom, I hope that we will not have to fight again.

Peace and may harmony and freedom and democracy be a goal that is attainable.

Thank you 396861_442764942423208_1431117344_n


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