The link above, is to an article that says it all. Its not just our imagination, the GOP( party of goblins)Party will stop at nothing to dispose of our president. That said, why is it that too many Americans, will think that its ok for this to happen. How can they not see, that they and the whole country are suffering because of this? Why don’t they question that the rich get massive tax breaks? How can they still believe in the ‘trickle down theory’? Time after time, I have been told that the corporations pay too much for taxes, and if they have to pay taxes and have government regulations, then they won’t hire new workers in the USA by so many posters. They believe that.

One thing that I am doing, and can only hope others do also, is to post, to blog, to Facebook it, to talk about it wherever I go, is to get the information out there about Fox News. Fox News was given the legal right in the USA to lie, to slant the news, to use their own opinions  and decide which news to show. The other media giants didn’t go to court, because why should they after the Fox News court decision. Less than 40 years ago, there were 50 media company’s and now only 6 world wide media giants own 90% of the use media. The reason I bring this up, is because time after time, fox news uses propaganda on an unsuspecting public, that still believes if the news says it, then its true.

That’s the reason, its so important for all of us that are waking up to the reality of our country, need to tell everyone we know, because then they will tell all they know, and on and on.. Just possibly then, we can wake up more and more people in our country. These people that will continue to vote for m Romney or tell you that the Ryan Paul budget is great, and of course they need to cut food stamps and aid because its bad for the poor to be given help, it makes them dependent on the government. Ironic to note, is that most times these people are on some kind of aid.

The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer, and as long as we have an uneducated brainwashed portion of people in our country, there is the danger that the new ‘American Taliban’ with their fox news zombies, could vote more of these republicans into office. As I hear time after time, these people vote.

Vote this year and vote straight democrat and make sure that all around you vote. We are the real media. We are the ones with the truth. Be vocal and share what you learn with others. We are this country’s hope.



We hold the world in our hands, literally.  PEACE AND MAY HARMONY, JOY AND LOVE FILL YOUR LIFE      


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