As stupid as that sounds, it really does sound right. The amount of bills put forth to vote and the many that passed state to state to restrict women’s access to abortion and also trying to keep birth control from being available to all women, is astounding. At last count it was in the thousands since January 1st 2011. Why? Now they are at it again, because after all(quiet all these decades) now it is against employers religious protections. Wow, if that doesn’t make it sound like the Taliban, not sure what will, unless it’s the bill introduced in Indiana to make being a single mother child abuse, and at the same time restrictive abortion laws were passed and the equal pay for women was struck down(because women don’t need to earn as much as men,per the author of the bill)and also the continued attacks on Planned Parenthood, really does make you begin to wonder if we are not under attack by a global fascist Taliban corporate pack of .01% of the richest in the world. I say that, because so much of what is happening here is also in other countries, just not always easy in the use to get the true real facts.

We are the new media.

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