I ask that question, because of some of the postings I have seen lately. Its quite clear that racism and evangelicalism are part of the new GOP’s (guarding one per centers) and our new ‘American Taliban’. What is so troubling is the fact that so many Americans still listen to fox news and talk radio shows and believe everything that is said, never knowing that in the USA , its legal for our media to lie, to use propaganda(with government blessings) and to choose what to report on. How do we then get thru to this large % of Americans that have become nothing more than ‘fox news zombies’?

We are the new media. I first started seeing that on sites around a year ago, but lately I have seen it a lot. Its true, we are the new media. We are the spreaders of truth and information. It’s a duty almost, that if you find true facts that are not being discussed by mainstream media, that you post what you find and you share what you find. Kudu’s to all those that work so hard to find the truth and then post for others to see, knowing that as we are now the media, it is our responsibly to share with others.

WE ARE THE NEW MEDIA223994_426361304075190_911321807_n


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