I just got done reading the Hoyer report, and will include a link that reports the GOP party (guarding one per centers) will not vote or even consider a bill that would take away tax breaks for outsourcing(moving costs also) and refuse a bill that would give tax incentives for bringing back to the use, instead of outsourcing. Why would they do this?

Of course when we have a presidential candidate that has outsourced in his career with Bain, which he now says didn’t happen. I guess the fact that this shows up in records, is just not true. Course when the ‘candidates wife’ refers to ‘all you people’, it doesn’t really inspire confidence.

What will it take for Americans to wake up to the agenda of the GOP party. This is just one more example of the total disregard the GOP party has for the ‘people of the USA’ unless of course you have the required amount of zero’s in your net worth.    


250640_430160587024419_1944422290_n     PEACE AND MAY YOUR DAY BE FILLED WITH HARMONY PEACE AND LOVE


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