I ask that question, because today I read several articles concerning the voter id laws in several GOP run states. What was interesting, is that they admit they are actually trying to prevent ‘those Obama people’ from voting. No they didn’t say it that way, but it comes out to that. In one state, it will mean that 1 in 5 voters will not be able to vote. In other country’s if there voting is being restricted or obstructed, our government is right there to say ‘no’ that is not democracy. Where is our democracy?

Today as I read through the different articles and commented and replied, I was struck with how many Americans think its ok to restrict peoples votes. I was left sad for our country. The fact that the GOP (guarding one percenters) is not concerned with pleasing voters and even in an election year, pull stunts like today, when they made clear that in no way were they interested in helping the middle class and if the ‘top rich’ cant have there welfare, then they will ensure that those of the middle class (oh I forgot, the gop claims that is class warfare) and the working poor have higher taxes. In fact, they want to pay for the tax cuts for the 1% vampires with increased taxes on those that make less than 20 thousand a year and to cut all social net programs.

Yet we have people that are in favor of these cuts and actually praise them, not seeing that they themselves will be hurt by these cuts and programs for the rich. How then do we educate and turn around this large group of ‘fox news zombies’? Is it even possible? I really don’t know, and after todays postings and comments, I am even more unsure.

One thing I do know is that we are now the new media, and its up to all of us to research and share and not give up.

Peace and may love and harmony and joy fill your life303511_386601654733362_891313834_n


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