I know that title reads like a conspiracy theory, but the truth is stranger than fiction.  If you have kept up with the ongoing liber investigation(not sure if I spelt right) its apparent that this global recession, close to depression was created by global monsters.  I call them monsters because they feed off the destruction of our world and off the suffering of the people. Time after time, I read that we need to protect those job creators and the poor rich people, we need to leave them alone, or else they won’t trickle any money back down to the common folk. 

Sure, now we all can see that is happening on a global stage, what now can we do to stop it? That is a question I ask daily. What I read daily is scaring me for our country, because so many Americans have been brainwashed by fox news and the other mainstream media. I see it over and over, especially in that 30 year old age group, that really believes that the rich already pay too much for taxes and if we tax the corporations, who they say already pay highest in world for taxes, well then they will just leave and take there companies with them. I say good, let them leave, they are doing nothing for us anyway, and if fact they are so adept at hiding their money off shore or making sweetheart deals with state governments(in my state Facebook got a special tax rate that means they pay no property or income taxes ) yet small business in my state do not get that special treatment( they don’t bring in millions).

What happened to the American dream, you know the one that says if you get a good education, work hard and you will be able to do better than your parents did? Now the American dream is to keep the poor people uneducated, hungry, unwell and with low paying jobs.  How do we go from here and enact the changes needed to stop these fascist corporate global monsters that are behind scenes pulling the strings to keep the governments of the world in their pocket?

I wish I had answers but all I have are questions and fears.


Peace and may joy harmony and love fill your lifelotus-earth   WE ARE THE NEW MEDIA AND THE WORLD IS DEPENDING ON US


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