Do you remember the short scandal about Walker in his bid to keep his seat, involving a conversation where he planned to divide and  control to ensure that he was able to bust up and get rid of public employees unions. He did it, and even with that clip, it made no difference.

I think they have been doing that on a  country wide plan, and have used mainstream media to pump out propaganda 24/7. When Fox news was allowed by court order to legally lie in the USA, it was the end of mainstream media, as far as being factual and true. With is propaganda there is a whole portion of our country that really believes that the ‘poor rich’’ already pay so much, and the poor people should pay taxes, or the best one of all is if you make corporations pay higher taxes they won’t hire new people. Well where are the jobs and where is the revenue that our government would have received if these taxes had been kept to at least prior 1980 codes and regulations.

The divide and control plan has worked very well, as my journey thru the net each day, shows just how well. I read that we are the new media, and I have to agree. We the ‘common people’ as Romney’s  ilk would call us or ‘those people’ as Ann Romney would say, are the ones left to share the truth with everyone and to learn and research for the real facts. Never forget    WE ARE THE NEW MEDIA



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