That question keeps coming to me all day. I have read article after article that points out the lies, and even fox news questioned the veracity of Ryan’s ‘facts’. You know its bad when even fox news would even comment at all on the obvious lies. That said, then where is the outrage? Where are the questions from the people? Is there this big portion of our country that has been so brainwashed, that they actually believe its ok for this duo to lie, because after all, whatever it takes to remove our president? Yet no one ever mentions the big question, why are all these ‘rich’ and ‘powerful’ people willing to spend millions, and in fact this is already the most money ever spent on elections and we still have two months to go. If this ‘duo’ were going to make life better for you and I, do you think those ‘rich’ would be putting so much into their campaign?

To say I am worried, would be an understatement, and in fact have actually wondered how hard it would be to emigrate if this ‘duo’ and their ‘gop’ co-partners gain control of our country. Since I have way too much time and limited mobility, I spend a lot of time on the computer, researching and reading and posting and replying and what I see is scary. For one thing this ‘fascist corporate’ breed of politician is not just here in our country, but in Canada and Britain and Greece and Spain and Germany and Italy and until recent France. Until I started my research and trying to find out all I can about what is going on in our country, I did not realize how little our ‘media’ shows us about the rest of the world. For example the problem of this ‘fascist corporate’ grab for power in not just our country but so many others is never talked about, or the protests and riots in so many of those same country’s.

This global economical crash was caused by the same ‘rich’ and ‘powerful’ that are now trying to win control of our governments, and then use their power and money to compel austerity measures and continued tax breaks for them and the large corporations. They also hope to institute corporate law where a corporation can go into any country and not have to obey any of their laws or environmental concerns and also have the power to arrest anyone they consider to be in their business and much more. That’s all part of the trans pacific trade agreement. They  also want to be able to fine us if we go to a link they don’t think we should go to , and if we continue then they want the power to shut our internet down, take our computer and have us arrested. Pretty scary stuff.

I wish I had answers and I don’t, just more questions with each new day.  The other day I read where it said  that we are the new media. They are right, and its up to all of us to share what we find and to not give up, because I would like to still believe we can save our country from this new threat to our freedom as a democracy. We can’t let this experiment in democracy to fail. One thing is that we must all vote this year, no more apathy and no voting third party   We need to vote in progressive democrats for every open seat and Obama 2012   and then please warren 2016


223994_426361304075190_911321807_n            WE ARE THE NEW MEDIA AND WE HOLD THE FATE OF THE WORLD IN OUR WORDS  

Peace and may the light of love surround you



When I found this graph I am going to show you, I was dumbfounded. In fact I was so shocked I couldn’t even write about it, for a few days.  So here goes


Can you believe that? 46% of our population that was polled believe that we were created 10 thousand years ago. What happened? Maybe a better question is how did this happen. It probably happened because there are no controls anymore over what a state can require to be taught and home schooling and ‘bible based’ schools are encouraged in some of the states. Without a good education, our youth, our future is at risk.

As always peace and may joy, harmony and the light of love surround you  


I ask that question, because I hear from so many people, and one is my 27 year old son. He said mom, everyone I talk to is going to vote for Obama, because there is no other choice. Then he said something that surprised me. He said mom, why isn’t he like president Kennedy? That’s what we expected isn’t it? We thought we were getting a president that would fight for the people,  and instead we got an Eisenhower. It impressed me that the young that were born decades after Kennedy was assassinated  still think of Kennedy as the president that fought for the people.

That leads then to our collective disappointment with the president, that somehow we thought he was going to ride in on the white horse and save the day. Reality set in fast, and then the disappointment was right behind that reality. I think that there are many Americans that were almost angry that the president didn’t stand his ground with the republicans in office. There is some similarity between Obamas first term and FDR first term. He also compromised and bowed to the republican clamor for continuing the same tax breaks and lack of regulations, with austerity touted as the cure, just as we have seen with the president’s first term.

Do I find our president corrupt, no, but I do find his foreign policy as concerns drones and hits on people(with innocent lives lost), scary and at the same time not the kind of behavior we the people would like to see for our country. How then do we proceed? There is no other candidate and I do like so much of what I thought the president stood for, it’s the learning of the real president that is disappointing and sad. ‘

Is there hope that if we get the house and senate with democrat control, that we the people could start to reclaim our government from the ‘extremist’ and ‘fanatical’ corporate led politics.

As my son said, and its true, we will still vote for Obama , and hope that he will give us the kind of second term that FDR gave in his time of economic and corporate led corrupted government. I don’t know if there are answers to the questions I have, but I am so encouraged that more and more people are becoming engaged actively in the political scene and also being active more and more in all the different bills and problems that our country faces. Obama 2012, and a little sadder, wiser and hopeful422211_215049198623550_1360034932_n   graph about rights  thought I would end with this picture   Peace and may joy, harmony and love encircle you and yours


Today it was more apparent than usual, the effect of the constant barrage of propaganda that spews forth from fox news and to an extent the whole mainstream media. These people will listen to no reason, and are unable to comprehend that they have been lied to. I have posted links after links to have them tell me that they won’t even look at them. Why? The next question is what can be done?

I am so worried that ‘these fox news zombies’ will vote into office Romney/Ryan and more of the ‘tea party’ GOP’s and thus sink our country into a depression that will take decades to climb back out of.  Today I have read that the president is a dictator, he is evil, he is Satan incarnate, and the list goes on. Sadly, it does not appear that many of them have any idea of how our government is even run. They seem unable to have intelligent thought and also unable to see that the lies told on the news stations are not true.  Thought I would end with some picks I came across.

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It’s a sad commentary of our country that since its inception, politicians have been trying to dismantle Medicare and privatize social security. These are two programs that provide programs that we all pay into with every paycheck, and that we count on being there when we need it. What kind of politician cares so little for the people that they try over and over again to get rid of these two programs. Why?

As an answer, we only have to look at what else they want to do, like even higher tax cuts for the rich than the bush cuts on steroids, and to lower the corporate tax that is already among the lowest in the world. Sure they talk about how high the tax is and then wink wink, there are just a few loopholes. Right, those loopholes allowed over 30 large corporations to not only pay NO TAXES but a few even got refunds. That’s not even counting the billions in taxpayer money that is still given as subsidies to big oil, big agriculture and big pharm. Yes that’s right all of these big corporations posted highest ever profits, and still got ‘subsidies’ from American taxpayers.

Its past time for Americans to wake up and smell the coffee. We the people need to make sure that we vote for the right party, and the stakes have never been higher. For example there are the two Medicare plans

1. We have the presidents plan that saves as much as 700 billion in the next 10 years by eliminating waste and fraud and controlling costs to Medicare advantage insurance company’s( a bush mistake in 2004) and to facility’s , providers and pharmacy cost, while ensuring that not only are no benefits are cut, in fact benefits were added. Without changing anything else, that enables Medicare to stay solvent for an additional 8 years. If the ceiling on payroll taxes are eliminated, both Medicare and social security stay solvent for  well forever.

2. Then we have the Ryan/Romney plan that promises to save 700 billion by cutting benefits (i.e. vouchers for insurance premiums and they will not keep up with future costs) and leaving in place all the ‘wasteful and fraud that occurs now. This plan does nothing to control the costs that are higher each year from the Medicare advantage plans, drugs, facility’s and providers.

3. So there are the choices and it should seem like a no-brainer which the people will choose, but I am without much faith in my fellow Americans. As I read thru the comments posted on site after site, its quite obvious that way too many Americans have bought into the propaganda that spews forth 24/7 from fox news. Once fox news was allowed to legally lie in the use, it put all of our media suspect for the truth.

Please share with all you know, the real truth about Medicare.  GOP-Raising-tax         PEACE AND MAY JOY AND LOVE SURROUND YOU

306606_10150957063786704_1859685272_n222867_10150196013346275_4258482_n    kennedy quote


That is true, and under President Obamas plan, 700 billion will come in savings from payments to Medicare insurance company’s and from controlling cost to hospitals, and also will come from encouraging better care for less cost. Under Ryan’s plan, same amount of money to be cut, but it comes only from the beneficiary and leaves intact money to healthcare providers, hospitals and insurance companies. That said, will Americans buy into the Romney/Ryan lies?

Even though its not quite mainstream yet, there are people that see the truth and while they may try to point it out, at this time, it would appear that way too many Americans really believe the lies. Why? How when its obvious over the last few years, that the republican party is only in business for the very rich? Way too many people are willing to buy into the 24/7 propaganda that spews from fox news and sadly, most of our mainstream media is suspect.

That’s why its so important to all that find the true facts share with all they know. Share it on Facebook, or twitter, or on blogs and at the same time research and question. We are the new media and its up to all of us to make sure that Americans know the truth and that they are not fooled into voting against their best interests.




I say doublespeak, because I just got done reading speaker Boehner’s  memo concerning the Bush tax cuts. He hides behind facts that are flawed, he wants to be able to save 700  thousand jobs and the economy, is his statement. The truth is that the democrat budget included all Americans in tax cuts for the first 200 thousand person or 250 thousand family, and its only the taxes on higher than that figure that are to be raised. That means that only ‘large corporations’ and the very rich have to pay higher taxes. Sounds much different that way, doesn’t it?

What is scary, is that way too many Americans hear what the speaker and his party of (guarding one percenters) and believe it. It should be apparent to everyone that taxing the rich(they were at 93% highest during ww2 and 90% under Eisenhower, and were down to around 50% before Reagan. We need to reinstate the 50% top rate and also tax the corporations as they were once taxed and then bring back the regulations that prevented wall street and banks from a repeat of 2008, and the regulations that prevented the widespread outsourcing and to prevent corporations from paying the CEO’s 500 times what the employees made, and instead encouraged livable wages.

It can not be said enough that it’s the middle class that is the true job creator. Without livable wages there can be no thriving middle class, and thus no new jobs.  We need to insert money into our economy from the bottom up.

What I find scary about the republican doublespeak, is how many people still say they will vote republican and yet as the polls show, they do not want to lose all the benefits they now enjoy and in fact do not want Obama care removed and they for sure in poll after poll do not want Medicare, social security or medicaid cut, yet still say they will vote for republican


stupid-404886_179444618823140_150231905077745_230813_1683041708_n  That’s how I feel sometimes when I am online and reading thru comments and replies on sites I visit.  181408_486163304742519_890056311_n