I ask that question a lot lately. Within my journey that I started in January, I have come across many sites and conversed back and forth with people from all states and yes, when I am lucky, people from other countries.  One question has been asked by many and myself, and that is how did this happen to our world?  How did we all, except for a few that tried to expose the global conspiracy that was happening right in front of us? I am sure that like many others I dismissed all the conspiracy theory’s as unfounded and pure imagination. We were wrong.  It seems that as we the people of the world struggled to just survive, the global elite found how to reap fortunes off of our suffering. Its global wide this rising inequality between the few elite and the many ‘common folk’(that’s us or the 99%) and its interesting to note the rising in all countries of the so called ‘extreme right or conservatives’ that have taken over governments and are in it only for the money, and finding ways for the elites to garner even more money.

Is it too late? Now that more and more people are waking up to the ongoing global crisis, will that make a difference? One can only hope and pray(I feel the need to say I believe in no religion).  That said , is it possible as so many sites proclaim, that we are now the new media, and its up to all of us that see with clarity what is actually happening global wide to sound the alarm, to tell all of what we find and learn. So many people in the USA still believe if its on the news it’s the truth, and how wrong they are. Look at how NBC censored and edited the Olympics and they are the only media site covering . When fox news was allowed to  legally lie and use propaganda( with our governments approval) via a court decision, that sounded the doom for our media.

Again, how did we miss all of this, the media bias, the growing inequality of wealth, the gap between the ‘global elites’ and the taxes that were removed from the ‘elite’ and instead put on the people. All over the world, the global conspiracy toppled banks and wall street and who paid for it? That’s right we the people did and we are still paying. Why did we let this happen and now how can we stop it? All over the world, except for a few smart countries, austerity measures have been adapted all in the ‘fight to lower the debt’. What is never said is that we the people are paying for the ‘excess loans and gambling with monetary funds’ by lowered wages, higher taxes, removal of social net programs and crackdowns on protesting.

How do we stop this? How do we enact change with peace using our words and our courage to stand up to the ‘global elite’?  They are few and we are many, so why is it so hard? Sure they have trillions of wealth and we have only a tiny tiny bit of that wealth to share between us all, but we have the power of numbers. Never forget this, they are few and we are many. Its time now to learn, research and share,.


482505_317792511643373_407002740_n409766_397873870260007_1989844467_n   helen keller quoteCorporate-profits223994_426361304075190_911321807_n  We hold the world in our hands, and its waiting for us to discover peace harmony and the light of love.   May peace and light fill your day.    Thank you for reading this and please share your thoughts and feelings, as it takes all of us, each voice is important.


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