That’s what the Romney’s and their ilk come across as that they consider themselves royalty and we are just ‘you people’ and the ‘common people’. What I can’t understand is why that any American would even consider that a ‘person’ like Romney would be president material.  How have the ‘élites’ of our country been able to use our media sources to effectively brainwash a large swath of our population that actually believes that these ‘people’ deserve all there money and why should they pay any more taxes and then its always that we are just envious and of course class warfare and the best one is that its all the fault of our president for causing class division.

Someday I am very worried that the sane non brainwashed Americans won’t bother to vote, because they don’t like Obama and they figure they will just show everyone and not vote. That is what will get us a repeat of 2010, which ushered in all the GOP governors for the poor states that now so regret there vote and it could get worse, if apathy and disconnect happens in November, we could end up with a nightmare.

Anyone that has looked at the budget plans and their tax plans can see what it will do to our country. For goodness sake they want to give defense even more than they asked for and cut millions from food stamps and school lunches. They all want to privatize Medicare, end Obama cares and cut and eventually end social security.  These are all programs that have kept millions out of total poverty.  Also look at what they want to do to women’s rights and health care decisions, that alone should ensure that all women would get out to vote , but will it?

I read the other day that we are the new media, and that is correct, as we can no longer trust mainstream media to be truthful, factual or non propaganda, as its not illegal in the use for media outlets.

Peace and may the light of love  and harmony surround you and yours303511_386601654733362_891313834_n


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