It’s a sad commentary of our country that since its inception, politicians have been trying to dismantle Medicare and privatize social security. These are two programs that provide programs that we all pay into with every paycheck, and that we count on being there when we need it. What kind of politician cares so little for the people that they try over and over again to get rid of these two programs. Why?

As an answer, we only have to look at what else they want to do, like even higher tax cuts for the rich than the bush cuts on steroids, and to lower the corporate tax that is already among the lowest in the world. Sure they talk about how high the tax is and then wink wink, there are just a few loopholes. Right, those loopholes allowed over 30 large corporations to not only pay NO TAXES but a few even got refunds. That’s not even counting the billions in taxpayer money that is still given as subsidies to big oil, big agriculture and big pharm. Yes that’s right all of these big corporations posted highest ever profits, and still got ‘subsidies’ from American taxpayers.

Its past time for Americans to wake up and smell the coffee. We the people need to make sure that we vote for the right party, and the stakes have never been higher. For example there are the two Medicare plans

1. We have the presidents plan that saves as much as 700 billion in the next 10 years by eliminating waste and fraud and controlling costs to Medicare advantage insurance company’s( a bush mistake in 2004) and to facility’s , providers and pharmacy cost, while ensuring that not only are no benefits are cut, in fact benefits were added. Without changing anything else, that enables Medicare to stay solvent for an additional 8 years. If the ceiling on payroll taxes are eliminated, both Medicare and social security stay solvent for  well forever.

2. Then we have the Ryan/Romney plan that promises to save 700 billion by cutting benefits (i.e. vouchers for insurance premiums and they will not keep up with future costs) and leaving in place all the ‘wasteful and fraud that occurs now. This plan does nothing to control the costs that are higher each year from the Medicare advantage plans, drugs, facility’s and providers.

3. So there are the choices and it should seem like a no-brainer which the people will choose, but I am without much faith in my fellow Americans. As I read thru the comments posted on site after site, its quite obvious that way too many Americans have bought into the propaganda that spews forth 24/7 from fox news. Once fox news was allowed to legally lie in the use, it put all of our media suspect for the truth.

Please share with all you know, the real truth about Medicare.  GOP-Raising-tax         PEACE AND MAY JOY AND LOVE SURROUND YOU

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