Today it was more apparent than usual, the effect of the constant barrage of propaganda that spews forth from fox news and to an extent the whole mainstream media. These people will listen to no reason, and are unable to comprehend that they have been lied to. I have posted links after links to have them tell me that they won’t even look at them. Why? The next question is what can be done?

I am so worried that ‘these fox news zombies’ will vote into office Romney/Ryan and more of the ‘tea party’ GOP’s and thus sink our country into a depression that will take decades to climb back out of.  Today I have read that the president is a dictator, he is evil, he is Satan incarnate, and the list goes on. Sadly, it does not appear that many of them have any idea of how our government is even run. They seem unable to have intelligent thought and also unable to see that the lies told on the news stations are not true.  Thought I would end with some picks I came across.

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