I ask that question, because I hear from so many people, and one is my 27 year old son. He said mom, everyone I talk to is going to vote for Obama, because there is no other choice. Then he said something that surprised me. He said mom, why isn’t he like president Kennedy? That’s what we expected isn’t it? We thought we were getting a president that would fight for the people,  and instead we got an Eisenhower. It impressed me that the young that were born decades after Kennedy was assassinated  still think of Kennedy as the president that fought for the people.

That leads then to our collective disappointment with the president, that somehow we thought he was going to ride in on the white horse and save the day. Reality set in fast, and then the disappointment was right behind that reality. I think that there are many Americans that were almost angry that the president didn’t stand his ground with the republicans in office. There is some similarity between Obamas first term and FDR first term. He also compromised and bowed to the republican clamor for continuing the same tax breaks and lack of regulations, with austerity touted as the cure, just as we have seen with the president’s first term.

Do I find our president corrupt, no, but I do find his foreign policy as concerns drones and hits on people(with innocent lives lost), scary and at the same time not the kind of behavior we the people would like to see for our country. How then do we proceed? There is no other candidate and I do like so much of what I thought the president stood for, it’s the learning of the real president that is disappointing and sad. ‘

Is there hope that if we get the house and senate with democrat control, that we the people could start to reclaim our government from the ‘extremist’ and ‘fanatical’ corporate led politics.

As my son said, and its true, we will still vote for Obama , and hope that he will give us the kind of second term that FDR gave in his time of economic and corporate led corrupted government. I don’t know if there are answers to the questions I have, but I am so encouraged that more and more people are becoming engaged actively in the political scene and also being active more and more in all the different bills and problems that our country faces. Obama 2012, and a little sadder, wiser and hopeful422211_215049198623550_1360034932_n   graph about rights  thought I would end with this picture   Peace and may joy, harmony and love encircle you and yours


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