That question keeps coming to me all day. I have read article after article that points out the lies, and even fox news questioned the veracity of Ryan’s ‘facts’. You know its bad when even fox news would even comment at all on the obvious lies. That said, then where is the outrage? Where are the questions from the people? Is there this big portion of our country that has been so brainwashed, that they actually believe its ok for this duo to lie, because after all, whatever it takes to remove our president? Yet no one ever mentions the big question, why are all these ‘rich’ and ‘powerful’ people willing to spend millions, and in fact this is already the most money ever spent on elections and we still have two months to go. If this ‘duo’ were going to make life better for you and I, do you think those ‘rich’ would be putting so much into their campaign?

To say I am worried, would be an understatement, and in fact have actually wondered how hard it would be to emigrate if this ‘duo’ and their ‘gop’ co-partners gain control of our country. Since I have way too much time and limited mobility, I spend a lot of time on the computer, researching and reading and posting and replying and what I see is scary. For one thing this ‘fascist corporate’ breed of politician is not just here in our country, but in Canada and Britain and Greece and Spain and Germany and Italy and until recent France. Until I started my research and trying to find out all I can about what is going on in our country, I did not realize how little our ‘media’ shows us about the rest of the world. For example the problem of this ‘fascist corporate’ grab for power in not just our country but so many others is never talked about, or the protests and riots in so many of those same country’s.

This global economical crash was caused by the same ‘rich’ and ‘powerful’ that are now trying to win control of our governments, and then use their power and money to compel austerity measures and continued tax breaks for them and the large corporations. They also hope to institute corporate law where a corporation can go into any country and not have to obey any of their laws or environmental concerns and also have the power to arrest anyone they consider to be in their business and much more. That’s all part of the trans pacific trade agreement. They  also want to be able to fine us if we go to a link they don’t think we should go to , and if we continue then they want the power to shut our internet down, take our computer and have us arrested. Pretty scary stuff.

I wish I had answers and I don’t, just more questions with each new day.  The other day I read where it said  that we are the new media. They are right, and its up to all of us to share what we find and to not give up, because I would like to still believe we can save our country from this new threat to our freedom as a democracy. We can’t let this experiment in democracy to fail. One thing is that we must all vote this year, no more apathy and no voting third party   We need to vote in progressive democrats for every open seat and Obama 2012   and then please warren 2016


223994_426361304075190_911321807_n            WE ARE THE NEW MEDIA AND WE HOLD THE FATE OF THE WORLD IN OUR WORDS  

Peace and may the light of love surround you



  1. You’re misrepresenting the facts. Ryans speech was.better and ultimately, it turns out, he told the truth. The biggest example is the auto bailout and the promise that the GM plant in Janesville will not close. ‘Fact checkers’ said the plant closed in Dec 2008, before Obama took office. Fact is, the plant closed in May 2009, five months after Obama took office. Fox News does question what every candidate says, as they should. Ironically, it was CNN that first revealed the facts about the Janesville GM Plant. If every news organization vetted the candidates and their claims, we would all be so much better off. Reagan would be on Mt. Rushmore and America would be leaders instead of apologists.

    1. http://www.nbc15.com/home/headlines/19465899.html , So the state of wisconsin doesn’t know when the plant closed? I do check my facts and make sure that they are correct before i post. Please check out this link and of course there are many more links because its true that it closed in 2008. When you only rely on mainstream media and of course fox news(legally able to lie in our country) you do not get a true picture of what is happening in our country. Again please check out the link.

    2. http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2012/08/30/ryan-doesnt-back-down-on-controversial-comments-from-speech/ As you will see by the links i provided. the gm plant was going to shut down and the decision was made in june of 2008 and was a done deal but it took several months of gradually shuting down. There was nothing the president could have done and its sad that there are so many people that are willing to believe every lie and mistruth they hear without ever taking the time to research and find the truth. Ryan refused to back down on the cnn interview even though it was pointed out that he was not telling the complete truth because after all they are not going to let ‘fact checkers’ get in the way of their campaign. Sure can see why people would vote for that (sarcasm)

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