When I say that, I do mean it. The first thing that happened because of the ‘occupy’ movement, was the education of Americans to the inequality of wealth in our country and how our government has been hijacked and bought by corporate dollar.  With that knowledge then came grudging acceptance that this is true. For some reason, maybe the constant 24/7 propaganda from corporate owned media, its been hard for some Americans to accept that this is a problem. Countless times I have people tell me, that I am just envious, and that the rich already pay most of the taxes in our country and why should they pay more. When I try to ‘gently’ point out that our country and our economy are being destroyed by the exchange of money from the populous  to the top 1% of the people, they then accuse me of class warfare. 


I have been studying online and by reading of books on the subject of this ‘inequality of wealth to try to come to terms with what has and is happening in our country and on the global stage. One thing that stuck out is how closely all this mirrors what led up to the ‘great depression’’. In all ways starting even with the GOP(gods of poverty) president and congress and how they were bought by the corporate dollar(they called it the ‘gilded age’). Then there was the solidification of companies into smaller amount of large corporations. They infiltrated the government and the media. They had a term for what they were selling ‘horse and sparrow’. you see the horse would eat oats and if it was really ‘good’ then the sparrows would come along and eat what they ‘shat’ out and so that is why the ‘richest’ and ‘large corporations’ needed to have tax breaks and deserved the best at all times. Sort sounds like ‘job creator’ and ‘trickle down’ doesn’t it? All of this led to the 1929 crash and the starting of the great depression. We were lucky and FDR was given a second and then third and then fourth term, but I would like to point out that it could have been prevented, if FDR would not have tried to do as Obama has and appease the GOP and try to heed their message of tax breaks for the rich and austerity measures. It ended bad then and it has not done so good this time, but and here is where it gets better, is that with the peoples help and support of the country, our country created great things and we prospered and even thru the war years of second world war, we continued to pull together. With FDR’s death, the seeds were already being planted, starting with the refusal to implement the ‘second bill of rights’ that FDR authored (interesting to note that Germany and japan were required to adhere to that ‘second bill of rights’) and the hope to somehow destroy Social Security and they are still on that same mission. I will enclose that second bill of rights’

When I was reading I saw that it was the people that changed washing on and the government(just like Obama said, change in Washington does happen from the outside in) by the populist movement, by voting out bad and voting in good people in government and by being vocal and by demanding changes and they happened. We all prospered and became a time of great accomplishments and we had among the best infrastructure, education and healthcare in the world. Then we all got lazy and we didn’t see it happening, just like before. We do though hold the keys to enacting change and prevent the depression the GOP(gods of poverty) and that is by using our voice.

That brings me full circle to its only when we accept  that we have a problem, do we become able to enact change.  We the people, are the new media, sort like the canary’s that the miners carried in the mines to warn of dangerous gases, we are now those canary’s and we are the outcry of danger and change.



We have come to a clear realization of the fact that true individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence. Necessitous men are not free men. People who are hungry and out of a job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made.
In our day these economic truths have become accepted as self-evident. We have accepted, so to speak, a second Bill of Rights under which a new basis of security and prosperity can be established for all – regardless of station, race, or creed. Among these are:
 The right to a useful and remunerative job…
 The right to a good education.
 The right of every businessman, large and small, to trade in an atmosphere of freedom from unfair competition and domination by monopolies…
 The right to adequate protection from the economic fears of old age, sickness, accident, and unemployment.
 The right to adequate medical care and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health.
 The right of every family to a decent home.
 The right to earn enough to provide adequate food and clothing and recreation.

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This is a subject I am very familiar with. Almost 20 years ago, I was in a car accident, the sun was in the drivers eyes and she never saw our car. In the blink of an eye, my life was changed forever. I am grateful i did not know then how it would end, with me crippled and unable to leave the house much(its very painful to ride in a car). I got better and tried very hard to find and hold down a job, but each time I only lasted about 3 months, and then was taken out by stretcher, and by wheelchair and always told, that if your health gets better you have a job. Finally in 2001 I had to admit that my doctors and family were right and I could no longer hold down a job, it took till 2006 before I was awarded my social security disability and since it took so long I lost valuable work credits and so was awarded a much smaller amount to live on. I miss work, and I miss being able to drive and now miss being able to just get in a car and do little things like shopping and visiting friends and family. I wish I could say I have handled the changes in my life with grace, but no, I fought this all the way. Back in 2001 they gave me 5 to 20 years before my spinal cord is severed in my lower back and that I would be in a wheelchair. I am at 12 years and counting and keep hoping that somehow I will beat the odds. That said, I gave you this background to prove what can happen in our country. 

First thing that happened, was the loss of my paycheck which supported the family, and then the loss of health insurance and then as the years went by, first my marriage didn’t make it and then I lost everything until the point when I got approved for my sad and owed my family and friends (back pay check took care of that) and then I bought a trailer to live in. This happens to people everyday in our country  To be told by Romney that I am just a useless drain really ticks me off.  For one thing I made my first money at 9 years old, ironing shirts for the ranchers that lived nearby(ten cents a shirt) and worked hard all my adult life and paid into social security and then Medicare when it was started. This is the same as paying for insurance and its not an entitlement, its our right to be able to rely on that ‘insurance’ plan. 

The inequality of wealth in our country is destroying our country and the economy. We need to tax the rich and corporations and beef up social net programs. There should be no children going to bed hungry in our country. There should be no deaths from people being unable to get healthcare. There should be no shame in being poor and asking for help.

I have no answers only more questions on how we can educate this wide swath of our population that has been so brainwashed by our corporate media that they actually believe the ‘job creators’ and ‘trickledown effect’ and will vote against there best interests.  If the GOP(gods of poverty) are allowed to keep control of the house and the ‘duo from hell’ gains the presidency, that will be our country’s death and we will have sold our country and our democracy to corporate dollar. 

Poverty is everywhere in our country and its only getting worse. We the people can help change that, but it means constant watching our government and being involved in sending emails and phone calls and signing petitions and really studying the issues and the politicians. It means following the ‘money’ back to where it comes from and it means ridding our government of those ‘gop and dems’ that are owned by corporate dollar

Our country should not be a country with widespread poverty, but this is what happens when our inequality of wealth reaches the proportions of today(highest ever, even more than in the 1780 and 1920) and if not corrected, our country will go either of two ways, depression or armed uprising. I want neither to happen.


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I am sure that by now you have both heard and read the latest of M Romney’s statements. If there are still people left in our country that will vote for this man, one must wonder what is wrong with them. Day after day its reported even by our corporate owned media the different new GOP plans and bills and that they now we know, consider 47% of this country to be ‘users and dependents on government handouts. What a weird election year. Never before in all the president elections before, ever seen such hatred and open racism and total disdain for the ‘average American’ voters. They act as if it it doesn’t matter what they do or say, that they will all be re-elected. Do they know something we don’t know? Are they planning to buy their elections, and prevent millions from voting? Are they going to ‘fix’ the voting machines? In my state we vote my mail, and it would be great if we all in the whole country could vote by mail, with library’s and outreach for homeless without mail address. There is no fraud and everyone knows that and even the GOP leaders in states that are trying to restrict votes, are  quite open about there reasons. As one said, of course we are trying to make sure that Romney wins, and there is no outcry and nothing is done about it. Sure they appear to try to stop it, but as in Florida where r Scott says openly he doesn’t care and he will purge voters if he wants. 

Of course that would be that those voters are more of the 47% of the country that don’t matter to Romney or the GOP because they might vote for Obama and democrats, and we can’t have that. We are no better than any undeveloped country(used to be called 3rd world) with voting restrictions, and disdain for the average American citizen and an inequality of wealth that is second only to country’s like Uganda in the world. Our schools are getting worse and worse and more and more money is pulled from education so that more ‘elite’ can have cheaper taxes. Our infant mortality rate is going up each year as is maternal deaths and our life span is shortened each year.

I would like to tell Romney that it’s the 1% of our country like him and his ilk, that are the real deadbeats and moochers. They are the true ‘welfare kings and queens’ They have become even richer than they were before the recession started and are still getting richer as they conspire to take even more money from the masses(cancel earned income credit and child tax) and at the same time cut themselves even more tax breaks.

Please everyone show these people that we do matter and that when we get angry and fed up, we will show our anger at the ballots in November Vote everyone and show them that the 47% of the country that Romney says don’t matter to him, and that 47% will make sure he is not elected president


stupid-404886_179444618823140_150231905077745_230813_1683041708_n  That’s what we are up against      Peace everyone and joy and harmony fill your life   thank you for taking the time to read this


I ask that question, because over 40% of congress  are millionaires , and we see how the taxing on the rich and large corporations have been going down, and down and they want to make them even lower.  These same politicians want to take away earned income credit, child refund tax and at the same time gut food stamps and Medicaid and cut school lunches out, and at the same time they want to eliminate tax on capitol gains and carried interest. This will give the rich man from Nevada a 2billion reduction in his taxes, and of course will help out each and every millionaire in office.

There must be a way to get ‘money’ out of our government. We need to have total faith that those in government will govern for all the people, not just the top 1%. Yet they have done such a great job on brainwashing, that there are people saying, oh no don’t tax those people, because they already pay taxes and we must be jealous of them. No I am not jealous and I don’t want their money, their 7 houses or their car elevator, what I do want is for them to pay their taxes. We lost over 1 trillion in revenue from the bush tax cuts. That’s a lot of money and if they have their way it will be even higher loss of revenue.

So now I come to the question, should we allow millionaires to be in our congress? I don’t think we should and have joined a group that is trying to revamp our congress  Things like term limits of 2 to 4 year(they can be elected to serve that second 2 year term, but after that they are no longer allowed to be in congress. There pay will be tied to the average American workers pay and if it goes down, so does there’s. No more pensions for life and they must be on social security and use Medicare. No more 65 days paid off and no more extra money for their cars and such. American workers don’t receive those perks so why in the world should anyone in congress be treated better than average Americans. Do I think we will succeed, I don’t know, some days I am sure we will and then I will have a day like today, when the ignorance and racist posts online make me wonder if there are enough sane people left in America. 

I saw this the other day and liked it522081_451311008226182_1563496643_n    Peace and joy and the light of love to surround you. thank you for reading this



I ask that question a lot lately.  Today was one of those days when the scope of the effects of constant propaganda from the corporate owned media, was more depressing that usual. The lack of compassion or any thought that we should help those less fortunate is missing. One commenter said that since over 50% of the country was on assistance of some kind, that it was time to get off the gravy train. That response and the unending, feeling so sorry for the rich, that already pay more taxes than most of us do.  They are right, they do pay more taxes(because the make MORE), but what they seem unable to comprehend is that they used to pay more taxes, and our country was richer for it. In fact the rich do not suffer when they pay more taxes and in fact do well, just not at the level of inequality of wealth we now have.

History has always been one of my favorite subjects and have enjoyed the ability to research whatever subject I want, has been awesome. One thing that caught my eye was the fact that it seems to go in cycles, where the rich are paying their fair share (and yes its high) and they are proud to do that, because they know they will have a good infrastructure and educated employees for their business and when at the same time (with the tax codes to encourage better wages and penalize outsourcing) the people have the money to spend to buy the products and services, then everyone benefits.

Yet that is a subject that now the ‘global elite’ have forgot and now we once more are at the cusp of either a crushing depression or recovery and path to thriving economy. When the ‘elite’ forget the lessons that their elders learned the hard way( not only the poor suffered thru the great depression, it also crushed many of the elite) we get this repeat of history time after time. The advent of the ability to share information and propaganda has allowed the global elite to buy into many governments and use their influence to garner results that have created inequality of wealth in all country’s and at the same time created a global economic crash, that we are still trying to get out of.

Read just the other day in an article where the ‘global elite’ refer to us as the ‘useless eaters’  I would like to remind the ‘global elite’ of what happened to the ‘elite’ in France and how many lost their heads  as they disregarded history and created an inequality of wealth that led to total anarchy and chaos.  That is not the way that any of us want. Peaceful anarchy if its possible.

As always its up to us the ‘useless eaters’ that the ‘global elite’ need much more than we need them. In a way they are the true ‘welfare kings and queens’ living off the labor of others, and so many of them destroying the earth and people in their pursuit of more money.

We do have power that we so often forget (the elite never forget) just in our numbers alone, we so outnumber those ‘global elite’ and if we put our combined minds and energy we could enact a global change for democracy and freedom for the people. If you are going to dream, dream big right?



72849_320001224745030_568762241_n may peace and joy and harmony fill your life